WindLight Settings

This is just a quick run down of how to make a WindLight setting. I'm not to sure how many people know or don't know this, but I didn't until recently. So here's how to make one in Firestorm Viewer.

I hope it helps some of you at least! 

At the bottom of your viewer you should have a toolbar, it will look something like this:

 One of the buttons in the bar should be Phototools, it looks like this:

Don't worry if it's not there! Right click the bar and select "Toolbar Buttons". This will pop up a menu with all of the buttons on it, which will look like this:

 Click the Phototools button and drag it to the toolbar. The button should now stay there. 
When you click this button a menu will pop up that looks like this:

Make sure that the two check boxes at the top are ticked, some will have a third that will say "Use Region Windlight" but you don't need that ticked. 

Phototools is massive and the things that you can do using it are far more then I'm going to go into here; there are very in-depth tutorials on all of the functions around in forums and Youtube. Here is one of the ones that I was given that covers a lot for those that want to do more with it!

What we are going to focus on is tweaking and changing WindLight Settings to get the look we are after!

In the Phototool menu there is a part where you can scan through the current WL(WindLight) settings you have. It is the section that I have highlighted in yellow in this picture:

As you use the side arrows to scan through the settings you will see the sliders change between each. Find a setting  that you would like to change or just to work off as the base. Then press the button that says New Sky Preset; I've highlighted it in the below picture to show you where it is:

 Clicking this will open up a different menu that will allow you to make a new WL using the settings you were on when you clicked as the base to work from! It will look like this:

Type a name into the section up the top! It can be anything you want, for my first I just went with "Test". From here it's really just a matter of playing with the sliders and the colours in each of the bars to see what you can make! Here is a list of what all the sliders actually do! 

"Est Ang" at the bottom is one of my favorite sliders! It will change where the sun is coming from and therefore how your shadows will fall! It can really change the feeling of a picture.

Once you've had a play and made something that you like press the "Save" button on the bottom and it will now be saved in your WL settings! 

To change to it, open up Phototools using the button you placed on the toolbar and type the name of the setting into the "WL Sky" textbox that we used to look through the settings when choosing one to use as the base!

Thank you so much to the person that showed me how to do this. I really can't thank you enough for all the help you've given when I've needed it.

Have fun playing with the settings guys!

<3 Ooka

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