Texturing The BG Feline

When you buy a mod for the BG Feline you are buying textures so don’t panic when you open the file and it’s all just pictures! Here’s how to put the AV and the pictures together…

You pull each part of the AV onto the floor;

Click the image that you have in your inventory and drag it to the part the image is named… for example if it says Ear it’s the texture for the ear ;)

 The first time you do it, it can be kind of scary as you have bits of avatars everywhere! After the first try its easy so don’t worry too much. Oh and it’s all copy so the bits you drag out then take back in are new copy bits not the old ones ;)
It's a good idea to make a folder and put the original AV in that labeling it so that you don't get it all mixed up! 

Here is a taxi the the Blue Galaxy store for if you still need to get the av ^_^

Have fun with it!
<3 Ooka

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