Saturday, 26 September 2015

"No Revelations In The Water

 No Tears Into The Booze"
Band Of Horses
Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you're doing well!

Some beautiful things for you today.

Let's start with the headpiece! This lovely headpiece is by Azoury; it can be found at The Fantasy Collective and comes in a range of colours.

Her skin is by Glam Affair and is one of their appliers for the Lelutka mesh heads. The skin range is called Mila and is at Kustom9.

Her hair is by Lamb and is a group gift! You get all of the colour huds. :)

Have a great weekend!

Happy wanderings ^_^

<3 Ooka

"Keeping heads above the water and
Feet into the shoes"

Skin- Glam Affair- Mila 15 ((Kustom9))
Eyes- Ikon- Hope Eyes, Clarity
Hair- Lamb.- Dissolved Girl ((Group Gift))
Headpiece - Azoury- Vonlenska Headwear, Cotton ((TFC))
Tattoo- Bolson- Osiris
Top- Moon Elixir- Bayou Top ((TFC))
Body- Belleza- Venus V3
Head- Lelutka- Stella

Whiskey- Erratic- Whisley
Poses- La Jolie Rose ((TFC))

Friday, 18 September 2015

Inch By Inch I'm Moving In Circles

"Stepping over cracks,
With it all in my purpose,
Counting my wins,
Never knowing what I've done... 
If I roll my luck 'cross the table,
See my hope through the eye of a needle...
A narrow miss and I'm gone."
City Calm Down
Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you're well!

The Secret Affair has just started, this round is Valhalla themed! There are some really beautiful things. ^.^
The mask in the pictures below is at this round and is by [lab737], they also have a very nice staff to complete the look.
Her outfit is also at TSA, it's by Zibska and it rocks!
You can choose to have the nipples covered or uncovered as well as the colours of the main part, the cups and the bolts. ;)

The nipple rings are by [The Forge] and are at Body Modification Expo! 

I'm sure that you all know by now by The Arcade is also on!
You can find this beautiful skin there, it's by [The Skinnery]. It is an applier not a system skin.

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka 

"Believe me I'm loosing sense of it all,
won't you mind, turn the other way...
Believe me I'm loosing sense of it all,
I won't deny it, so rabbit runaway."

Skin- [The Skinnery]- Candice, Toffee ((The Arcade))
Mask- [Lab737]- Seer Mask ((TSA))
Hair- Tableau Vivant- Leejae ((TMD))
Head Piece and Necklace- Zibska- Quitini ((We<3RP))
Pendant- :[P]:- Denrys Swirled Chain ((TSA))
Necklace- .aisling.- Svana Torc ((TSA))
Nipple Rings- [The Forge]- Fluer Ring ((Body Modification Expo))
Outfit- Zibska- Yngvildr Set ((TSA))
Tattoo- Bolson- Ven Vidi Vici 
Dragonfly- .Enfant Terrible Creations- Verelis Dragonfly Gift

Poses- DelMay

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Love Me When The Chips Are Down

"Would you love me when the chips are down?
Love me when the chips are down..."
The Kooks

Hi guys ^_^

It's been a busy few of weeks! I hope that you are all well :)

We <3 RP is on for September and it has some awesome stuff for us!

Her beautiful skin is at this round and is by La Petite Morte.
Her outfit is also at this round and is by PFC! I love the BIG chains. <3
Her tattoo is by White Widow and is also at this round ^.^

Keep safe and have fun!

Happy wanderings ^_^ 
<3 Ooka  

"Could you love me when the world is crashing all around?"

 Skin- LPM- India V2 Albino ((We<3RP))
Tattoo- White Widow- Altar ((We<3RP))
Eyes- {D.A}- Shattered, Apocalypse 
Hair- Kokolores- Dillon ((Festival Of Sin))
Outfit- PFC- Freedom ((We<3RP))

Poses- DelMay