Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cherry Wine

"Her fight and fury is fiery,
Oh but she loves,
Like sleep to the freezing."

Hi guys ^_^

 I hope that your weeks been good and that the weekend is off to a great start!

Hard to believe that January is almost over already.

Her skin is by Belleza, it's called Grace and it's one of their newer lines in the main store!

Her top is by ieQED and is available at this round of The Fantasy Collective. ^.^

Pics taken at The Bay

Happy wanderings guys! ^_^
<3 Ooka

"Sweet and right and merciful,
I'm all but washed,
In the tide of her breathing."

Skin- Belleza- Grace, Fair 
Eyes, Diamonds and Cracked tattoo- Antielle- Diamond Virgin Eyes
Eye tattoo- Clemmm- Sleepless day 6
Scar- Lovely Disarray- Maddness, Face scar
Hair- [Ink]- Seed, Mocka ((TMD))
Tattoo- Bolson- Dante
Cigar- [Nikotin]- Cigar
 Top- ieQED- Octobra ((TFC))
Pants and Boots- The Fallen- AfterMath ((We<3RP))
Armour- PFC- Iron Arms ((TSA)) 
Ears- Mandala

Middle and Bottom Poses- DelMay 

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