Tuesday, 9 September 2014

There is no peace here, War is never cheap, dear.

Love will never meet here,
It just gets sold for parts.
Black Rebel Motocycle Club 

Hi guys ^_^

 I hope that the weekend has been a great one for you all and that the week ahead is wonderful!

 We<3RP is open! WOOT! 
There are a heap of awesome things to check out this round, including this exclusive facepaint and piercing set from .HoD. This set will be at this event only, once the event's over you wont be able to get it at all!
 The bracers in the pictures are also at We<3RP, they are by random.Matter. and come in a range of colours. The colours of the straps and the studs are changeable. ^.^

 TMD has also opened for this round! Lots of stuff for guys and some unisex stuff for us girls. ;)
 The hair in the pictures below is by Soonsiki, which used to be known as Milk Hair. I love the way the dreadlocks are tied up, it has almost a samurai feeling to me. 

The mask is by Axix for The Fantasy Room, there are 6 versions of this mask to choose from. They range from a natural look to a more futuristic look.

The feather pauldrons are by PFC and will be at The Secret Affair, which will open on the 15th! They are just beautiful. <3 

Pics were taken at The Bayou.

Have a great week and Happy wanderings!

<3 Ooka


"You can not fight it, 
All the world denies it,
Open up your eyelids and let your demons run."

Skin- Glam Affair- Skye II, Artic 01 ((The Arcade))
Face Paint and Piercings- .HoD.- Banrion Fhaolchu ((We<3RP Exclicive!))
Hair- Soonsiki- Kaleidoscope ((TMD))
Tattoo- .Reckless.- Mode ((TMD))
Blood on Chest and Arms- Edelweiss- Bloody Sailor ((No longer Avalible))
Blood on Hands- ClemmmBloody Hands 
Bracers- .random.Matter.- Baratheon Bracers ((We<3RP))
Shoulder Plates- PFC- Raven Pauldron ((The Secret Affair))
Necklace- PFC- Trapped Soul ((The Secret Affair))
Top- Zibska-Ixone, Black
Mask- Axix- Where You Come From, Bambi ((Fantasy Room))

Top Pose- Edelweiss ((No Longer Available))
Other Poses- Clemmm