Monday, 25 August 2014

The Voodoo

"The Voodoo who do what you don't dare do people"
 Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you've had a great weekend!

If you haven't yet stopped by at this round of Fantasy Collective yet you should pop over and have a look! Loads of Voodoo and Witch themed goodies that are kinda creepy and wonderful for it ^.^ 

I love the creepy things <3 

The hair and hat are by Tableau Vivant, they have a male version which I might be wearing because it has more skulls >.> and a female version that has roses, feathers and skulls!
Her eyes are from Fantasy Collective as well! They are by Buzz and there are a few different colours and looks to choose from!
You can also find her necklace at this round, it's by Enfant Terrible, they have two sets, the one that I have on has engraved "Witch Please".
The chair and the voodoo doll with candles under it are also at Fantasy Collective. ;D

The heads on a rope that are hanging on the bottom of my chair are by [NU] and are for this round of Enchantment!
Her makeup is also for this round of Enchantment, it's called Unhealthy Glow and is by Nox. Loving the tired and worn out look that it gives.

Her top is a new release from Zibska! Looks awesome on it's own and great under a jacket to cover you up if it doesn't cover much ;)

 Have fun and happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka

"Magic people, Voodoo people"

Skin- Glam Affair- Artemis, Asia 04 ((Collabor88))
Makeup- Nox.- Unhealthy Glow, Red Light ((Enchantment))
Lip Makeup- Nox.- Reddened Lip, Light ((Enchantment))
Eyes- Buzz- Voodoo Eyes, Fallen ((Fantasy Collective))
Hair and Hat- Tableau Vivant- Samedy ((Fantasy Collective))
Tattoo- .Recklace- Jameson ((TMD))
Necklace-Enfant Terrible- Witch Please Necklace ((Fantasy Collective))
Top- Zibska- Eriu
Jeans- Cynful- Skinny Jeans
Shoes- Enfant Terrible- Metallic Heels

Chair- Stockholm&Lima- The Talisman Chair ((Fantasy Collective))
Hour Glass-!Ohmai- 100 Years Of Waiting ((Past Enchantment, May Not Be Available))
Heads On Rope- [UN]- Heads On Rope ((Enchantment))
 Doll and Candles- HopScotch- Stick A Needle In Me Eye ((Fantasy Collective))
Poses- DelMay

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