Thursday, 1 May 2014

I Try, and I Try, Not To Waste This Time But It Just Flies By, The More I Try

"Slow down, don't speak, say something,
Line up, don't cheat, stop staring,
Sit down, shut up, start learning,
Time's up, get out, start working."
The Rubens

Hi guys ^_^
It's time to become Enchanted. ;)

For those that don't know this event, Enchanted runs every 3 months and has the theme of a different fairy tale each round. This time it's Sleeping Beauty! There have been some changes though sooo listen up ^.^ 
 The items will not be on one sim, but instead at the stores that are participating. When you purchase one of the items made for Enchantment at any of the stores participating, (you can find the list by clicking the sign at any store, there's a link to Mina below.) you will get the item as well as a stamp card. *Grins* This is where it gets fun ;)

You have to TP into each of the 20 shops while wearing these (as many as you want at the same time) and click on the stamp card terminal at each shop.
You will then be given a Slurl to a room with an exclusive release by each of the creators that will not be sold again.   

You get to pick one per card, please make sure that you are only wearing one card when you click the item that you are wanting! Wearing more will use up your cards!
The cards are also transfer, so if you're wanting to be really nice you can always share yours with a friend. ;)

Right! Now that I've told you all about how it works lets talk about this amazing hair. ^.^
This is the stamp card gift by Mina. You get the fat pack colour HUD for it. ;) 

Enchantment starts on the 1st ;)

The mayflies are a new release from {anc} for this round of Fantasy Fair which also begins on the 1st!

 Lovely Disarray have recently released this face tattoo, it's based on a group of three baddies in the animation Sailor Moon. There are only 85 copies of these to be sold so don't miss out on them ;)

The chest plate is a sneak peak of what's to come from Aberration! Keep an eye out for it. ^.^

Happy wanderings 
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Paris, Lumiere
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Blush
Face Paint- Lovely Disarray- The Amazon Trio, Fish Eye
Hair- Mina- Roosje ((Enchanted))
Chest Armor- Aberration- Knight's Modesty 
Shorts- [R3]- Jolie Shorts
Arms- [GW]- Cybernetic Arms
Leggings- *Sheer*- Leggings 29 Torn
Boots- [The Forge]- Daerwen Boot

Poses- Grafica ((Pose Fair))
Mayflies- {anc}- Ephemera clear B ((Fantasy Faire))

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