Thursday, 8 May 2014

Enter Sandman

"Exit light,
Enter night,
Take my hand,
We're off to Never Never Land."
 Hi ^_^

Some pretty things to show you!

The horns are by Pure Poison at this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival! The headress that has the red fabric dangling down is also at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, it's by [CX].

Zibska have this beautiful outfit for Fashion Art which runs from the 9th of May until the 31st. ^.^

Enchanted is still going on and here's another peek at one of the prizes for the stamp cards! The hour glass is by !Ohmai, you get 5 different colours of sand including a green and a purple ;)

Pleasant dreams and happy wanderings

"Sleep with one eye open,
Gripping your pillow tight

Skin- PinkFuel- Drow, Dusk Pure ((We <3 RP))
Eyes- Clemmm- ReSnick Eyes, Black Sclera
Hair- Milk- Orental Bun, Black ((We <3 RP))
Horns- Pure Poison- Clark Horns Headress ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Headress- [CX]- Cascading Peony, Red ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Tattoo- Axix- Morpheus Tattoo 5 ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Ears- Mandala- Fantasy Elf Ears
Outfit- Zibska- Ciara ((Fashion Art))
Boots- Slink- Thigh High Boots

Hour Glass- !Ohmai- 100 Years of waiting ((Enchantment))
Poses- DelMay

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