Saturday, 31 May 2014

What Is Fate To Say How Things Are Gonna Turn Out Now

"If storms are breaking over great escapes
Boy, we'll find how to make it with the rain."

Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you've all had a good week and are ready for the weekend!

Some sneak peeks at a few bits and pieces that you can get at The Arcade when it opens on the 1st!

The wagon is by {anc}. They have a range of stunning things for this round, all with the theme of Eden. From full chapels to candles, all beautifully made.

The amazing creatures in the photos are brought to you by Alchemy and Birdy. There are a bunch of awesome furry friends to spin for. ;)

The water effect is by Flaming Pear. Strawberry Singh did a tutorial on how to install and use it.

The outfit in the pics is by VRsion and is awesome!
It's fitted mesh, so it fits to your av without needing to resize everything to make sure you don't pop out >.> 
Thank you so much to the wonderful person who got this for me. xxxxxxx

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

"Cause boy I feel that men are meant to be
more than the shadows of each other"

Skin- Essences- Song, Noisette
Eyes- {D.A}- Striking Eyes, Ice
Hair Base- Illmatic- Frenchie, Noir ((Kustom 9))
Outfit- VRsion- Rival (( tysm xxx))
Wings- Europa- Nyxus Wings

Wagon- {anc}- Eden, Wagon ((The Arcade))
Animals- Alchemy and Birdy- Story Book Pets ((The Arcade))

Poses- Inertia

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blue Light

"You are the bluest light"

 "You are the bluest light"

 "You are the bluest light"

 "You are the bluest light"

 "You are the bluest light"

Hi guys,

I'm keeping it short today.

Some bits from events and a new release dress to show you. ^.^

All details are below the pictures, I hope that your weeks going well so far.

Happy wanderings to you all
<3 Ooka

Skin- Glam Affair- Coral, Artic 07H ((Collabor88))
Makeup- Clemmm- Oil Slick Collar 100% ((Dark style Fair))
Eyemakeup- Clemmm- Sleepless, tinted
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Wight
Ear- RO- Papillon, Topaz ((We<3RP))
Hair- Lelutka- Evilly
Dress- PM- Maia, Black
Hands- Slink

Light- Oyasumi- Industrial Lamp

Top pose- Roquai
Other Poses- Delmay

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Our House Breathing

 "And the house came alive in the heat,
All the curtains sucked to the screens,
Then they billowed back out into the hallways,
As if our house was breathing."
Josh Pyke

Hi guys ^_^

 Some beautiful stuff to show you today. 

Let's start with the new hair by Argrace, I'm in love with this hair! It's soft and elegant and can be dressed up or down to match most outfits. You get three versions of it in the pack, one with a flower, one without the flower and one without the flower but with the side bow that you can see in the third picture added.

The ears are by [][]Trap[][], they're a great one if you are after not quite human but still close to. Like everything by [][]Trap[][] they come with an awesome colour hud that gives you a lot of control over what you can change, from the colour of the shadows all the way to the tips.

The eye shadow is by Zibska, there's a bunch of new releases that have a similar feel to this one. Very pretty makeups.

The necklace is by O.M.E.N and one of the prizes that you can get from this round of Enchantment. This beautiful dress is also a part of this round, it's by The Annex.

TNR is a new event that will be happening at the end of each month. A handful of designers will be putting out existing items at 50% off. This round starts on the 20th and this beautiful piercing by HoD is in it!

Have a wonderful day guys.
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

"May we not grow weary,
May we not be sold,
May I lean into you,
Till they send me home."

Skin- Glam Affair- Coral, Artic 07 ((Collabor88))
Lipstick- [PF]- INK lipgloss
Eye Shadow- Zibska- Noir No.2 
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Wight
Hair- Argrace- Shiori, Whites
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Vamp Ears
Piercings- HoD- Close Enough ((TNR))
Tattoo- .Reckless.- Kingdoms Will Fall ((TMD))
Necklace- O.M.E.N- Sleeping Beauty ((Enchantment))
Dress- The Annex- Sleeping Beauty Gown ((Enchantment))
Hands- Slink

Poses- DelMay

Friday, 16 May 2014

I Will Charm, I Will Slice, I Will Dazzle Them With My Wit

"Tonight Make Me Unstoppable"
 Block Party

Hi guys ^_^ 

I hope that the weeks been good! The weekend is upon us soon and with it the opening of The Dark Style Fair ^.^
 It opens on the 17th of May and runs until the 7th of June.

Here's a quick peek at a few things that you will be able to find there.

The gloves are by Remarkable Oblivion, they come with a HUD that has 3 different metal options as well as 5 different hand gestures, an animation that moves the fingers and a button to mute one hand so that you are able to have different gestures on each hand! 

 Lovely Disarray have 2 new face paint tattoos out for the event, both are unisex! The come in a range of separate tattoo layers so that you can wear parts if you are wanting to mix and match them up as well as a full layer for if you're wanting to have the full look and keep the layers down. ;)
In this set of photos I have on the set called "The Vanquisher"

Details for everything worn are below as always ^_^

Happy wandering and have a great weekend!
<3 Ooka

"I will charm, I will slice,
I will dazzle, I will outshine them all"

Skin- Glam Affair- Coral, America 02 ((Collabor88))
Eyes- {D.A}- Phantom Eyes, The Ripper
Face Tattoo- Lovely Disarray- The Vanquisher ((TDSF))
Hair- Mina- Roos ((Enchantment))
Tattoo- .Reckless.- Sticks and Stones ((TMD))
Gloves- RO- Azrael Gauntlets ((TDSF))
Ropes- [Haste]- Body Rope and Rope Corset, Grey ((FGC))
Piercings- HoD- Breandan Hip Dermals
 Boots- Slink- Tall Leather Thigh Boots

Orb and Middle Pose- {anc}-Ironorb M ((Enchantment, Prize))
Top and Bottom Poses- DelMay

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rose Tinted Eyes Colour My Sorrow A Shade Of Wine

"Oh why the long face?
You've got it all wrong.
Forget the rat in the race,
We'll choke chain them all."

Queens Of The Stone Age

Hi ^_^

I hope that you're all having a great week!

 Some fun stuff out from [Contraption] ^.^
The Gas mask on my female AV is at this round of The Mens Department and can be bought in a bunch of colours.
The mask and the claws on him are also from [Contraption], they were made for Men's Fashion Week which has already finished but they will be re-released in store so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

The silver dress on my female AV is by r2 and is at this round of Collabor88. They have a range of colours that you can choose between and they come with a set of undies that don't show on the sides so you can carry the look off without going commando >.>  

 The cute blue tail on her is by C.C Kreations and is out at this round of The Fantasy Room, there are four colours to pick from. ;)

Happy wanderings guys ^_^
<3 Ooka

"Fates favor the ones who help themselves"

On Her:
Skin- Essences- Siggy 01 ((TDR))
Eyes- {D.A}- Striking Eyes, Spring
Mask- Contraption- Compass Stalker, Ocean ((TMD))
Hair- [ink]- Totes, Brown ((TMD))
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Ripped Ears, Pierced
Dress- r2- Suzuya, Silver A ((Collabor88))
Boots- Slink- Tall Leather Boots, Silver
Tail- C.C Kreations- Meiade Tail, River ((Fantasy Room))
Hands- Slink

On Him:
Skin- Kooqla- The Night of the Rose
Suit- (epia)- Pinstriped Business Suit
Mask- Contraption- For Sweet Liberty Gasmask
Hands- Contraption- Handy Face Crushers
Hair Base- Ink
Hands- Slink

Tree- 8f8- Single Young Sakura
  Top Pose- Roquai
Middle Pose- Grafica
Bottom Pose- DelMay

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Enter Sandman

"Exit light,
Enter night,
Take my hand,
We're off to Never Never Land."
 Hi ^_^

Some pretty things to show you!

The horns are by Pure Poison at this round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival! The headress that has the red fabric dangling down is also at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, it's by [CX].

Zibska have this beautiful outfit for Fashion Art which runs from the 9th of May until the 31st. ^.^

Enchanted is still going on and here's another peek at one of the prizes for the stamp cards! The hour glass is by !Ohmai, you get 5 different colours of sand including a green and a purple ;)

Pleasant dreams and happy wanderings

"Sleep with one eye open,
Gripping your pillow tight

Skin- PinkFuel- Drow, Dusk Pure ((We <3 RP))
Eyes- Clemmm- ReSnick Eyes, Black Sclera
Hair- Milk- Orental Bun, Black ((We <3 RP))
Horns- Pure Poison- Clark Horns Headress ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Headress- [CX]- Cascading Peony, Red ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Tattoo- Axix- Morpheus Tattoo 5 ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Ears- Mandala- Fantasy Elf Ears
Outfit- Zibska- Ciara ((Fashion Art))
Boots- Slink- Thigh High Boots

Hour Glass- !Ohmai- 100 Years of waiting ((Enchantment))
Poses- DelMay

Monday, 5 May 2014

Take It In But Don't Look Down

"I know it’s hard when you’re falling down,
And it’s a long way up when you hit the ground,
Get up now, get up, get up now."
Imagine Dragons

Hi guys ^_^

I hope you've had a good weekend and that the weeks starting off well!

Going to keep it short today because... well it's a Monday :P

 Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open!
Her full outfit including the lion are by Alchemy and are things you can win from the gacha ;D

 TMD is open for a new round as well!
The tattoo she's wearing is available there, it's by .Reckless. ^.^ They have three at the event to choose between.

Good luck with the gacha's, may luck be on your side!

Happy wanderings 

"Paying my dues to the dirt"

Skin- League- Aria, Walnut
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Leonine
Hair- Tableau Vivant- Gloster Hair 
Headdress-  Alchemy- Lion Hood and Cape ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival)) 
Collar- Alchemy- Huntress Collar, Gold ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
 Top- Alchemy- Huntress Top, Gold ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
 Belt- Alchemy- Belt, Gold ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
 Bracelets- Alchemy- Wrist, Gold ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Tattoo- .Reckless.- Kingdoms will fall, Fresh ((TMD))
Foot Jewellery- Pure Poison- Gold Oriental Feet ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Hands and Feet- Slink

Poses- DelMay

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I Try, and I Try, Not To Waste This Time But It Just Flies By, The More I Try

"Slow down, don't speak, say something,
Line up, don't cheat, stop staring,
Sit down, shut up, start learning,
Time's up, get out, start working."
The Rubens

Hi guys ^_^
It's time to become Enchanted. ;)

For those that don't know this event, Enchanted runs every 3 months and has the theme of a different fairy tale each round. This time it's Sleeping Beauty! There have been some changes though sooo listen up ^.^ 
 The items will not be on one sim, but instead at the stores that are participating. When you purchase one of the items made for Enchantment at any of the stores participating, (you can find the list by clicking the sign at any store, there's a link to Mina below.) you will get the item as well as a stamp card. *Grins* This is where it gets fun ;)

You have to TP into each of the 20 shops while wearing these (as many as you want at the same time) and click on the stamp card terminal at each shop.
You will then be given a Slurl to a room with an exclusive release by each of the creators that will not be sold again.   

You get to pick one per card, please make sure that you are only wearing one card when you click the item that you are wanting! Wearing more will use up your cards!
The cards are also transfer, so if you're wanting to be really nice you can always share yours with a friend. ;)

Right! Now that I've told you all about how it works lets talk about this amazing hair. ^.^
This is the stamp card gift by Mina. You get the fat pack colour HUD for it. ;) 

Enchantment starts on the 1st ;)

The mayflies are a new release from {anc} for this round of Fantasy Fair which also begins on the 1st!

 Lovely Disarray have recently released this face tattoo, it's based on a group of three baddies in the animation Sailor Moon. There are only 85 copies of these to be sold so don't miss out on them ;)

The chest plate is a sneak peak of what's to come from Aberration! Keep an eye out for it. ^.^

Happy wanderings 
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Paris, Lumiere
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Blush
Face Paint- Lovely Disarray- The Amazon Trio, Fish Eye
Hair- Mina- Roosje ((Enchanted))
Chest Armor- Aberration- Knight's Modesty 
Shorts- [R3]- Jolie Shorts
Arms- [GW]- Cybernetic Arms
Leggings- *Sheer*- Leggings 29 Torn
Boots- [The Forge]- Daerwen Boot

Poses- Grafica ((Pose Fair))
Mayflies- {anc}- Ephemera clear B ((Fantasy Faire))