Sunday, 6 April 2014

Guides Me Safely In Worlds I've Never Been To

"Heal me,
 Heal me,
My dear Brena."
 A Perfect Circle

Hi guys ^_^

This round of We <3 RP is kicking ass! 
{anc} have've made some beautiful and unusual furniture for it. ^.^ From bookshelves with wheels on both sides to this amazing carpet that looks like it is made up of worlds. The floating book with pages tearing from it is also from this round, it's by Pixicat and is wonderfully eerie.

Love and War Fair is on!
 It' the 4th anniverary gacha fair for 30L Saturday.

There are some great finds for as little as 30L.

The dresses on all of the AV's are by Junbug and are from a 

gacha machine at the event! 

The war paint tattoos are also from a gacha at for just 30L,

They are by Fallen Gods and the rare is tintable ;)

All details below as always ^_^

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Dresses- Junbug - The Succubus ((Love and War Fair))
Tattoos- Fallen Gods- Eros Tattoo  ((Love and War Fair))
Eyes- {D.A}- Phantom Eyes, Hypnose
Cloak- PFC- Elven Cloak
Blind Fold and Doves- Zibska- Xiang
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Ripped Ears
Dark Hair- Dura- Girl 51
Light Hair- Truth- Lagertha

 Rug- {anc}- SkyRug ((We <3 RP))
Candles- RavenGhost- Candle Stand Set ((We <3 RP))
Scales- Distorted Dreams- Love and War Scales ((Love and War Fair))
Book and Pages- Pixelcat- SpellBook ((We <3 RP))

 Poses- DelMay

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