Saturday, 29 March 2014

Slip On Down From That Sun

"To climb down to earth,
And down to things like time,
Because we are all, we are all just lovers,
Born of earth and light like all these others."


Hi guys ^_^

Yay for the weekend! I hope that you're all doing well and are ready for another month of awesome things!

Got a few items for you to rush and get before the end of the month if you haven't and a sneak peak at a hunt gift that will soon be out!

 Let's start with the hunt gift ;)
This awesome makeup set is by Lovely Disarray for The Apple Of My Eye Hunt! It starts on the 1st and goes until the 13th ^.^ You can find more info on other prizes here. Oh, and if you have a feeling that you may have seen something like it before, that will be because it's based on a character from the anime Inuyasha. ;)

The hair is by Tableau Vivant and is at this round of My Attic, which is only on until the 31st so hurry down and check out these sales! 

The horns are by Half-Deer and are at Forrest Spring Concert Mini Event! You'll find these delightful birds there as well, they are by 8f8 and are a gacha. ^^ 

The armor is from May's Soul. It has been tinted to match the outfit; If getting things with the intention of tinting I tend to get the lighter ones. You can go darker than the original colour but no lighter than it.

Pics were taken at R3volt, great shop there and a damn cool sim to explore and take pics!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Pink Fuel- Sora, Peach ((75L))
Eyes- {D.A}- Shattered, Apocalypse
Makeup- Lovely Disarray- Destruction of Life ((Apple Of My Eye hunt)) 
Blush- {D.A}- Anime Blush 3
Nipple Covering Tattoo- {Anatomy}- Nipple Eraser
Chest Tattoo- Aitui- Inhale
Hair- Tableau Vivant- Gloster Hair ((My Attic))
Swords in Hair- [CX]- Katana Kanzashi, Red ((Luck Of The Irish Gacha))
Horns- Half-Deer- Spring Blossom Antlers ((Forrest Spring Concert))
Birds- 8f8- Vintage Birds ((Forrest Spring Concert))
Armor- May's Soul- Muse Armour, Iron ((Tinted))
Chain- May's Soul- Always Your Chain
Shorts- R3volt- Jolie Shorts V2
Hand Tattoo- Clemmm- Rosebud Hand Stains ((Check group notices, WIP))
Ears- Mandala
Hands and Feet- Slink
 Poses- Delmay

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