Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pick Apart The Pieces Of Your Heart

"Your heart's a mess,
You won't admit to it,
It makes no sense,
But I'm desperate to connect,
And you can't live like this."

Hi guys ^_^

I hope your weeks been good so far!
 Going to keep this one on the shorter side ;)

This awesome skin is by Cstar and is only 100L not sure how much longer this will be out so if it's your kinda skin hurry down and get one ^.^ They have two skin tones available, this dark one and one very pale and a range of choices on the makeup type you want!

The heart is from HISposes, it's a prop for a pose and comes with a pool of blood and blood drips... oh, did I mention it's still beating? It pulsates like a heart and gives the look of a still beating one that's in your hand. 

Have a great week and happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka     

Skin- Cstar- Lucertia Bloody Bite, Unicorn Ash
Eye Hollows- Clemmm- Broken Window Eye Alphas
Hair- Exile- Rain or Shine, Rain, Extremes ((The Arcade))
Headband- DRD- Karma Headband, Simplified double
Wings- DRD- Devine Wings, light ((modded for colour))
Hands and Feet- Slink

Heart and Top Pose- HISpose- Bleeding.Heart
Middle Pose- Inertia
Bottom Pose- Roquai

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