Friday, 7 February 2014

This Will Never End 'Cause I Want More

Fever Ray

Hi guys ^_^

I hope you all made it through the week without too much stress, seems to be a bit of it going around of late! YAY for the weekend, time to relax and do very little ;)

Some events have just kicked off and a few are about to start as well, it seems to be a big month for them!

Final Fantasy Festival is on ^.^ 
For RPers or game enthusiasts this is a damn cool event!
 It's a big event with a lot of stuff to check out including this collaboration of piercings and makeup by -HoD- and Lovely Disarray!

The Surreal Complex is open, as the name suggests you can find some weird and wonderful things here.
The hand that is used in the top picture is at this event, it's by ieQED and is actually meant to be worn with Slink tiptoes as a hand holding your feet! 
Very cool idea though I simply couldn't resist the urge to rezz it and make it giant XD

The head on my slightly less robotic AV is by  Asphyxia, it is still the face of your av! The back of the head and the neck are added along side an alpha that covers all but your face. 
The colours on the head where I have the blue are changeable! 

The fully robotic AV is by Metatheodora! It comes with two different styles of head, three styles of feet and two types of hands! It is in parts so you can wear parts rather then the full AV if feeling a little more human ;D

I hope the weekend's a great one for you all!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka 

Semi Human AV:
 Skin- Mother Goose- Sia ((1L))
Head- Asphyxia- Robodoll Cyber Head
Piercings and Makeup- -HoD- and Lovely Disarray - Reno Reloaded ((Final Fantasy Festival))
Eyes- Lovely Disarray- Children of Jenova, Rose ((Final Fantasy Festival))
Outfit- Graves- Gravity
Arms- MetaTheodora- Vespers Cyber Gauntlet
Boots- [NeurolaB Inc]- Activa Boots Electro

Robot AV:
 Full AV- MetaTheodora- Parthenoid AV Sophie

Hand in Top Pic- ieQED ((The Surreal Complex))
Top Pose- Touch Of Flare
Middle Pose- DelMay ((Past Gift))
Bottom Pose- Axix ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))

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