Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Thunder Of The Drums Dictates

"The rhythm of the falls,
 The number of deaths,
The rising of the heights,

Hi Guys ^_^

So I decided to have a go at Contraption's photo contest after seeing this song was on the list for it!

 The song that inspired the pics below is Iron by Woodkid. The music is epic and the film clip is stunning.

  It's from the album The Golden Age, I'm loving it at the moment! It's one of those albums that takes you through a journey if you listen from start to finish.

Ok enough of me being a crazy music fan, let's talk about the stuff in the pictures themselves!

The Queen is wearing a dress by Pure Poison. The detail in the dress is stunning. It's one of those outfits that when you put on you can't help but say "wow"! 
Yes, that is one of RO's rare hats upon her head! ^.^ 
Thank you so much to the person who won it and gave it to me! xxx  

The flowers on The Runner are by Zibska! They're from a gacha machine as a part of L'Accessories Timeless Romance Gacha ^.^

 The Drummers are wearing outfits by Purple Moon that are a part of the hunt that's on at the moment! There's a heap of clothing and accessories to be found. ;)

The masks are a group gift from Contraption! Beautifully constructed and editable to be made to fit any av. :3  

I know that's a lot to read through! I'll try make the next one short and sweet ;)

I hope you all have a lovely day!
 Happy wanderings ^_^

"From the dawn of time to the end of days
I will have to run, away
I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
Of the blood on my lips, again."

The Queen:
 Skin- DeeTailz- Jara *Crazy In Love* ((With Love Fair))
Hair- Action- Darmody Veganic hair
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Wright
Dress- Pure Poison- Queen Elisabeth Gown <3 tyvm
Hat- RO- Dame de Lys, Rare ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Necklace- BALACLAVA!!- King&Queen necklace
Hands- Slink
Ears- Mandala

 The Runner:

Skin- Glam Affair- Valentines Skin Gift ((Group Gift!))
Hair- Mina- Nikky ((TDR))
Eyes- {D.A}- Phantom Eyes, Blind Rage
Necklace/Flowers- Zibska- Amorette ((L'accessories))
Outfit- Blacklace- Melany

The Drummers:

Skin- Glam Affair- Valentines Skin Gift ((Group Gift!))
Hair- Mina- Nikky ((TDR))
 Outfit- Purple Moon- Rumple Pants and Rumple top ((Hunt Gift!))
Mask- Contraption- The First ((Group Gift!))

Drums and Dummers Poses:
[Kunst]- Taiko

Queens Pose:
Top Pose- Del May

Runners Poses:
Top Pose- Del May
 Middle Pose- Touch Of Flare
Bottom Pose- Clemmm

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