Thursday, 23 January 2014

I Know The Pieces Fit 'Cause I Watched Them Fall Away

"Mildewed and Smoldering. Fundamental Differing.... There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away."

Hi guys ^_^

Going to keep it short tonight!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts on the 1st of February! Some damn cool looking things out for it, including these goggles and bags of things with ears by {a.n.c}! Creepy and kooky <3 Love them!

The hair is by .Shi and is at The Liaison Collaborative. It has a great look of movement to it! There are two hairs, both have demos so make sure you try them. ^^

Happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka

Skin- Mother Goose- Miranda ((1L!))
Hair- .shi- Hair; Blown, Monochrome ((The Liaison Collaborative))
Goggles- {anc}- Lapin goggle.silver, Rare ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Collar- Hello Spacegirl- Lila Collar long, Black
Shoulder pads- ieQED- Antler Pauldron, Titanium Black
Top- DirtyLand- HappyGirl Top
Corset- Hello Spacegirl- Lila Corset, Black
Pants- Epic- Bomber Bodysuit, Black
Gloves- Vrsion- Konvert Glove

Bunny bags- {anc}- Lapin No.0 - No.9 ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Spoon- {anc}- Lapin Spoon
Lights- 7- Hangling Bulb, Triple
Fireplace- MeshWorks- Tambora Fireplace, Decay ((TMD))
Desk- 11th Hour- Dean's Drafting Table ((TMD))

Top and Bottom Pose- Axix
Middle Pose- OMP

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