Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Glory and Gore Go Hand In Hand

"God knows we like archaic kinds of fun.
Chance is the only game I play with, baby."

Hi guys ^_^ 

Almost at the end on the month, so here's a few things to make sure you check out if you haven't, and a few things that you can look forward to. ;)

 This awesome tattoo is at Project Limited. As the name suggests the numbers are limited and it finishes up on the 31st so if you haven't been hurry down! It's a full body tattoo with HUDs for Lolas, Phat Azzs and Slink hands and feet! With the Slink HUDs press the word "Apply" not the square! (Had to ask for help with that one, lol)

Another sneak peek at Fantasy Gatcha Carnival! This amazing set of flowers/armor is by Zibska! There are a bunch of colours to get including a rare that is colour change ;D

 The 1st of February marks the start of this round of Enchantment. *Grins wide and tries not to look too excited* The theme is Red Riding Hood <3 YAY! Can't wait for this one, it's one of my favorite fairytales. This beautiful basket is going to be at the event, it's by {anc} and comes in a few different colours ^.^ This is the hunter's basket, the butterflies are attached! The big bad wolf is from PFC, not so big and bad any more. ;)

Hope you're having a great day!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Emma, Seasons 03 ((Seasons Story))
Eyes- {D.A}- Phantom eyes, Hypnose
Makeup- La Malvada Mujer- Sibilla#3
Lip Alpha and Teeth- {D.A}- Lip Alpha VII
Hair- Truth- Rowan, Black and Whites
Piercings- HoD- Blase, Yakuza Red
Tattoo- elska- Clusterfuck ((Project Limited))
Cloak- PFC-Elven Cloak ((Tinted))
Flower Accessories- Zibska- Manna, Fawn  ((Fantasy Gacha Carnival))
Basket- {anc}- Rattenbag.Hunter ((Enchantment))
Bracelets- FineSmith- Sliver Knot Bangles ((Group Gift!))
Wolf Head- PFC- Wolf Spirit
Hands and Feet- Slink
Poses- Roquai

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