Monday, 18 November 2013

Morning Light

Hi guys,
The Water Lantern Festival is on. This is a charity event to help raise money to aid people in the Philippines after the typhoon a few weeks ago.

I love the fact that this event is being held to try help, it's a reminder that SL is a global community. We are all there to share our lives with each other; if we can help each other on the way all the better.

You'll find some truly beautiful things at this event with price tags that are far cheaper then they really should be. There are skins, clothing, ornaments and even jewellery and fish. The sim itself is stunning and there are boxes around where you can donate. So please head over and have a look.

Keep safe and have a great week,
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Photos taken at Pure Dreams

Skin- Potcha- WLF Asian Skin 02 ((Water Lantern Festival))
Hair- Boon- TYD883 Hair chestnut
Eyes- Ikon- Perspective Eyes, Coffee
Outfit- Zibska- Corvo
Tattoo- Toro- Mandala Tattoo ((Water Lantern Festival))
Jewellery- League- Wanderer Jewellery Set
Fish- Half Deer-  Flowerhead Gold Fish, Happiness
Hands- Slink
Top and Middle Poses- Sorgo
Bottom Pose- DelMay

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