Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Saviors and Saints, Devils and Heathens Alike

Any excuse to be a pirate ;)

Gonna keep it short today, A bunch of cool stuff that you can find if you follow the links below! 

The skin is new from Essences called rose, 'tis new, 'tis awesome. Loving the tones they're making at the moment, keep them coming! 

Peg legs, pirate hat, hook hand, belt and gun are all a part of a pirate stash from lost haven. The longer I'm in this outfit the less I want to change, lol.

Pics taken at Dunhill

Happy wanderings guys!
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Rose, Sombre
Hair-Ink- Surrealism for DU 5, Black ((DU5))
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Grey
Pants- May's Soul- Pacme, Brown
Top- DirtyLand- HappyGirl Top
Gloves- FateWear- Dexter, Valcano
Collar- May's Soul- Green Collar Girl, edited for colour ;)
Under Tattoo- BlackFeet- To The ends of the earth
Top Tattoo- Garden of Ku- Rising Sun
Necklace- P.C- Cheetah's Pride
Eye Patch- May's soul- Eye Patch
Peg legs, Hooks and Pirate stuff- [LH]- Pirate Stash
Coin bag and key's- [LH]- Role Players Survival Pack ((1L))
Top and Bottom Poses- Axix
Middle Pose- Sorgo

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