Monday, 7 October 2013

Beneath The Sliver Of The Autumn Moon

"Between the pigeons, and the northern loons" Diamond Rings

Hi ^_^

I hope you guys have had a good weekend! A heap of events and things going on at the moment Candy Fair, Wizarding Fair, Fantasy Gacha, Oh My Gacha not to mention a whole lot of hunts in the buildup to Halloween!

Before we get to stuck into all of that, The 7th of October marks the 4th anniversary of Haus of Darcy. The piercings and jewellery produced here are always stunning, each having so much personality in itself that it adds to any avatar. The piecing worn in the pictures below is a group gift to celebrate the anniversary! It's beautiful, it's Mesh and it's editable ;) 

Alright let's go onto the skin! This is new from Essences for Candy Fair! There are 3 sims to check out, so don't go expecting it to be a short visit. There's a whole lot of candy themed items (as you could have guessed by the name) These skins come with either pink, blue, green or white eyebrows. All of them are lovely but I just couldn't go past the white, something haunting about it. 

The hair is from the new round of Fameshed and is by Tableau Vivant. It's very soft and pretty. The demo comes with colour huds to try make sure you check out the options before you jump and buy, some beautiful colour combinations in the huds ;)

The "claw boobie thing" as my friend keeps calling it (lol) is by PFC and is a part of this round of Fantasy Gacha. It is crazily easy to spend your L's here, you have been warned :P

Wizarding Fair also starts today! It looks like there are going to be some awesome things available here! Just in time for Halloween too ^.^ (which might be my favorite time of year) These watches are by Essences as a part of the fair! They have a small clip that clips onto tops or if you dont mind playing with them a bit to get the spacing right you can do something like I have in the pictures bellow!

I feel like I've just about talked your ear off and I know there are some event's that I haven't even gotten around to yet! I'll be doing another post soon with more event things and gifts but if you need your fix right away here is a good place to check what's new between posts ;)

I caved and ended up getting mesh boobs, as you may notice in the pictures. Got them for the shape rather then the size, went with Lolas Tangos. Pretty impressed with them so far, it takes a while to fit them well but they do line up rather nicely ^.^

Pictures taken at Neva River.

Happy wandering!
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Candy Princess, White ((Candy Fair))
Hair- Tableau Vivant- Oh Hair, Equinox pack ((Fameshed))
Eyes- {D.A}- Nebula Dawn
Piercings- H.o.D- Broken Reflection ((Group Gift! Fee to join))
Pocket Watches- Essences- Wizarding Companion Pack ((Wizarding fair, Gacha!))
Claw Shawl- PFC- The Hunter, Polar ((Fantasy Gacha))
Chain- Tantacio- Chain Necklace, black
Leggings- Xiaj- Skull Leggings
Boots- RO- Hobnails, Leather
Hands- Slink
Boobs- Lolas- Tango

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