Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

"No there ain't no rest for the wicked... until we close our eyes for good." Cage The Elephant

Hey guys ^_^

Remarkable Oblivion have a few treats to get us ready for Halloween! The hat is from Oh My Gacha. There are a few different shapes and colours to collect, it's one of those gachas where you just can't go wrong ;) 

The pumpkin head is a group gift from them as well! It's creepy in such a wonderful way ^.^ you get the one in the pics and a pale one with blood around the mouth. They are also doing "13 remarkable nights of oblivion" from the 18th through to the 30th. Every night they will be asking questions in the group chat and giving out one prize to the winner ;)

The couch is by Axix, it's for Candy Fair ^.^ The textures are changeable, that includes the cover, the pillows and the wooden base! You get cookies and cakes and even a plush happy toast to cuddle and there are free candy rings on the wall by it! :D

Clemmm are having a sale! There is a wall in the shop with sets of eyes and makeup for as low as 13L as well as horns and head pieces for just 30L!
Pictures taken at Grey November Gallery

Happy Wanderings guys ^_^
 <3 Ooka 

Skin- Glam Affair- Lucy, Snow 02  ((The Dressing Room))
Necklace- Swallow- Iside, Gold  ((The Dressing Room))
Hair- Taketomi- Namie
Eye makeup- Clemmm- Sleepless Day 6 (Tinted) Day 13 black ((Sale!))
Eyes and top layer eye makeup- Clemmm- Hollow Mind Eye Drops
Tattoo- Fallen Gods- Cataclysm, tinted
Top- Gwak- Yellow Flowers Bandeau ((The Boobie Show))
Pants- Cynful- Bootleg jeans, brow
Boots- DRD- Worn Combat Boots ((10L))
Hat- RO- Twin Tail Magician Hat ((O.M.G))

Head- RO- Pumpkin Head ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Hands- DRD- Demon hands, female
Skin-++ Nunna++- The Creep ((1L))
Fur on legs- Gauze- Fur Layer , Blood
Feet- Europa- Humanoid Dravyn Legs

Sofa- Axix- Sweet Diva ((Candy Fair))
Poses- Axix 
Broom Stick- Cult of Belgar- Flying Broomstick

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