Saturday, 28 September 2013

When they ask what do I see...

"I see a bright white beautiful heaven hangin' over me." The National

Hi ^_^

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!

Let's start with the birds and blindfold today. These are from Zibska, they come together as a pair you wear both so no need to rezz for pictures. ;)

The gloves and boots are from Meta Theodora ^.^ some amazing stuff in this shop, if you haven't been before head over and have a look! There's a pair of these boots in red as a group gift in notices, hurry while they're still there!

The top is from Pure Perfection and is part of a hunt. The prizes are 5L each! There are 15 items on the hunt.

The pics were taken on a platform rezzed in a sandbox, the WL settings were on Bristol. I use this setting a bit, love the way the clouds look! Facing away from the sun is a good idea with this setting because it can be a bit of a harsh light. Depends on what you're going for of course ;)

Have a good one! 
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka


Skin- Kooqla- Queens, red ((DU5))
Hair- Oakleaf Hair- Faun Hair, Dark brown
Top- Pure Perfection- Knitted Basic Top ((Hunt! 5L))
Shorts- DeeTalez- Mini Shorts
Hands- MetaTheodora- Vespers Cyber Gauntlet
Boots- MetaTheodora- SechnoTexual Boots
Birds and Blindfold- Zibska- Xiang
Gas Mask-  TonkTastic- The Respirator
Poses-  DelMay

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