Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Demons To Lean On

"Send me an angel or bury me deeply instead, with demons to lean on."

Hi ^_^

The last few weeks have been a little mad in RL, the next few weeks look like they will be too but I'll do my best to keep the posts coming when ever I can ;)

The new round of The Arcade is upon us again! Some awesome stuff at this round, easy to break the bank there ;D 

Both of the skins on show today are from there! The skin on the Av with the longer hair is by Bellesa, a very pretty face with striking features! The Av with the shorter hair is wearing Glam Affairs Candy, beautiful and soft, very elegant. 

Tentacio have these amazing wings for this round of Perfect Wardrobe! I love that they are so human and yet not, they have buckles done up to attach them and look a bit ragged and like they probably never worked. Very cool idea and beautifully executed <3

All the details below guys ^_^ I hope you're having a great week!

Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Av with long hair-
Skin- Belleza- Leila, arcade 7 ((The Arcade))
Hair- Exile- Just a Reason, 1, ice blonds ((The Arcade))
Left Eye- Dead Apples- Blood lust
Right Eye- Clemmm- The Whites
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Ripped Ears pierced
Face Tattoo- >>AR<<- At'Eed Healed
Tattoo- Kanival- Skull Attack
Bone Piercings- r.M- Havester
Teeth- r.M- Nicolette teeth
Piercings- H.o.D- The Crux Piercing
Face Horns- DLS- Ceredil- Kno'hr Horns
Collar- May's Soul- Crow Collar ((Gorean Room))
Wings- Tentacio- Angel Harness ((Perfect Wardrobe))
Skirt- AlterEgo- Mesh Mini, tartan
Hands- [ni.ju]- Claws
Feet Tattoo- Lovely Disarray- Unveiling
Feet- Slink

Short Haired Av-
Skin- Glam Affair- Candy, America 05 ((The Arcade))
Hair- Tableau Vivant-Yazimoto, summer 3
Eyes- Dead Apples- Injected Grey
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Ripped Ears pierced
Piercings- r.M- Primus
Collar- May's Soul- Crow Collar ((Gorean Room))
Wings- Tentacio- Angel Harness ((Perfect Wardrobe))
Tattoo- Blackfeet- To The Ends of The Earth
Arm Straps and Hand strap- .Shi- Group Gifts ((Group Gift, cost join))
Shorts- Ronsem- Hot Pants
Necklace- Sleepy Eddy- Pocket watch, gold ((the arcade))

Tops Pose- Inertia
Second Pose- DelMay
Third Poses- Axix
Last Pose- *FN*

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