Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hang Me Out To Dry

Hey guys,

Just going to be a short write up today, I'm away for work so this week has been a bit mad but still got this post for ya ;)

New skin from Essences! WOOT! Loving these darker tones still, keep sending them out ;D

The hair is by Discord Designs and can be found at the 24 event; big event, lots of awesome stuff! It's open until the 31st of August so if you haven't been yet hurry!

The outfit and face chain are from May's Soul! Awesome outfits, always good deals and 3 lucky boards ^.^

Pics were taken in The Amazon ;)

Happy wanderings guys!
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Cho, Cancelle
Hair- Discord Designs- Codie, Charibdis ((24 event! gatcha))
Eyes- Damage Chance- Sunflower    <3 Thank You, I love them!
Tattoo- Kanival Tattoo- Snake, light
Usb Piercings- [E.S]- Usb & Plug Piercings
Face Chain- May's Soul- Chain Face Black
Outfit- May's Soul- Pixie Brown
Top Pose- Axix
Bottom Pose- DelMay

Monday, 19 August 2013

Far From the Carnage of the Fiery Sun

 Hi ^_^

So the weekends over and the week is upon us again! Hopefully it'll be a good one, lets try start it well ;)

I have a skin from a hunt to show you today! There's a male and a female skin, you get both in the one box and they are free! The detail in these skins is jaw dropping, markings on the back like scratches counting days. You can have with or without the scars on the face. They are by Cstar as a part of the Homeless Awareness Hunt. There's an eeriness to these skins, they're almost haunting. A beautiful reminder of the hardships some face in life. Love this skin <3

The hair is a part of this round of Genre, it's by The Stringer Mausoleum and is just 100L for a colour pack! The cherry blossom horns are a part of it and come in three tones ^.^ Very pretty hair and suits the Eastern Asia theme of this round wonderfully. 

Pictures were taken at Brutal City, it's an RP fighting sim. I was expecting to get shot at least a few times during this shoot but I was left alone even though I was out in the open! WOOT! 

Happy wanderings guys ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Cstar- Jane Skin ((Homeless Awareness Hunt, Free!))
Eyes- {D.A}- Sinistre, Injected Greay
Hair- *TSM*- Blossom Maiden, Monochromes ((Genre))
Wings- Europa- Nyxus Wings, Hawk
Piercings- H.o.D- Mess of Metal, Part 2
Outfit-  Severed Garden- Eiko, Rose
Feet- Slink
Top pose- Axix
Middle and Bottom poses- Del May

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Come On and Break the Door Down

 "You want me, well fucking well come and find me, I'll be waiting..." Radiohead

Hope the weekend's treating you guys well, lets jump right in today.

This is a different tone of the skin Whisper by Essences, loving it at the moment! It's called Native, really shows how the tone of a skin can change the look so much! 

New ears from [][]Trap[][], they're freaking awesome! You can get them with or without piercings, I went with them ;D  They come with a hud that lets you change a heap of colours including the tips and the feathers as well as the ridges on the inner ear.

You can find the jacket at Xiaj, It's a hunt item for the Homeless Awareness Hunt. Loving the jacket and the sim! Take the time to check out the rooms of this shop, it's got some really cool places in it.

Pictures were taken at Blasphemy again. Found out when taking them that you can go edit linked, then click the part of the thing you want to derender and do the normal derender thing and just that part goes! Great for things like ladders where if you derender, the building goes.

That's it for now guys,
Happy Wanderings
<3 Ooka 

Skin- Essences- Whisper, Native
Hair- (Red)Mint- Hair No.14'13 Blacks
Eyes- Tableau Vivant- Galaxy Eyes, Sun
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Ripped Ears, pierced
Top/Jacket- Xiaj- Torn Bleached Jacket ((Homeless Awareness Hunt, Free))
Pants- Cynful- BootCut Zia Denim v2.0, Brown
Backpack and Riffle- Deco- Mesh Survivalst Backpack and Riffle ((Mens Department))
Chair- Tableau Vivant- Stag Chair, Black ((Collabor88, Poses inbuilt))
Hands and Feet- Slink

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I See That We're Made of More Then Blood and Bones

Hi guys!

 Hope the weekend was good to you all ^_^

A few things for the guys and a few things for the girls today! 

The skin on the female AV is by .Birdy. it's new for this round of Collabor88! It's a the 2nd anniversary round, there is a lot of stuff to look at so make sure you go when you have time, it's not a dash in dash out round ;) 

The skin on the male AV is the new group gift from Kooqla! This skin line is amazing, the faces are just jaw dropping! Love the lips and the cheek bones ^.^

Her dress is by Senzafine, it's on special at we <3 RP! They have 3 colours at the event for you to choose from! The jacket on my male AV is by Xiaj, it's at the latest round of Thrift Shop ;D 

The ears on my male AV are by Aitui, you can get different spacers for them! I love the cans!!! Kind of have a homemade punk feeling ;D

Axix are making male poses as well as female ones now ^.^ The poses in the top two pics are from them! 

The pictures were taken at Blasphemy. This is a big sim to explore with lots of great photo opportunities!

Have a good one guys!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Female AV-
Skin- .Birdy.- Aria, pure Secrets ((Collabor88))
Eyes- Clemmm- Fog v.2 White ((Group Gift, Cost Join))
Hair- Lelutka- Gloria, Pitch
Dress- SF- Alysaara Corset dress, Gold ((We <3 RP))
Hands and feet- Slink
Shovel- [LH]- Survival Shovel Prop ((1L pack))

Male AV-
Skin- Kooqla- River ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Eyes- Clemmm- The Whites, dark
Hair- Dura- The 3rd year Anniversary hair ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Piercing- HoD- Slither, Silver lining ((Group Gift, Cost Join))
Jacket- Xiaj- Khaki Jacket ((Thrift shop))
Pants- Chronokit- Military Sarrouel Pants, StripedC
Shoes- Xiaj- Leapard Sneakers ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Ears- Aitui- Streached ears 3" with shiny core HUD

Top and Middle Poses- Axix
Bottom couples pose- Del may

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Down By the Water

Hi ^_^

Love Donna Flora finishes on the 11th of August guys! If you haven't been yet, hurry! Lots of beautiful things to get and a really good cause to help support.

This stunning dress is at the event, it's by Shey! It comes with a texture HUD ^.^ This blue is my favorite from the colours. Really beautiful dress and it can be coloured to match your shoes ;D The headdress is also from the event, It's by .Olive. You get a hud to change the colour of the metal as well as the stone and you can buy texture huds for the stone!

The skin is from Cstar, there are three different skins in a range of colours that you could get! Gatchas are always a fun way to try something new and a bit different to see if you like it ;) It's 75L a play! WOOT!

The photos were taken at Humanoid, beautiful sim.

Hope you guys have had a good week! 
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- Cstar- Destiny, Yuna,  Peach (( Gatcha!))
Eyes- .ID.- Sunburst eyes, blue 
Hair- Maitreya- Uma
Dress- Shey- Alice Gown ((Love Donna Flora))
Headdress- .Olive.- The Captivating headress
Hands- Slink
Poses- Delmay

Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm Waking Up To Ash and Dust

"I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust " Imagine Dragons

Hi ^_^

Hope you guys are well! Some awesome stuff to show you today! Lets start with the skin as usual ^.^

This is the latest line from Essences, it's named Whisper. She's beautiful, elegant but strong. The skin comes in a range of tones. For the pictures below I used brown sugar. In the skin pack you get 4 brow options, a cleavage layer that comes as a top, undershirt or tattoo layer and a few different blushes!

The goggles are a new release from Remarkable Oblivion! You can get them at the latest round of FaMeshed ;D They're fun and they look pretty damn cool! You can have one side open, both sides open or both sides shut! 

The coat in the pics is a group gift from Diram ^.^ It's got a lot of personality to it, I put it on and just adored it right away. Some things you get and the rest of the outfit just somehow falls together, this coat is one of those!

The hair is from Action! It's new and it rocks! It's in the guys section but don't let that put you off! They have a demo, try it out ;)

Pics taken at Muschi, Dont forget that you can derender things if they are in the way of the shot you want! And if you rezz on sims for pics please clean up after yourself ;)

Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Whisper- Brown Sugar 
Hair- Action- Darmondy
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Gray
Goggles- RO- Sandstorm Goggles, War Torn ((FaMeshed))
Binoculars- Sinabro- Binoculars Necklace 3
Coat- Diram- Megan Coat, Patchwork ((Group Gift! Cost Join))
Jeans- [Cynful]- Zia Denim, skinny
Boots- RO- Hobnails, Leather ((from last FaMeshed))
Bindle- Loki Mesh- Mesh Bindle
Ears- Mandala
Hands- Slink
Top pose- Exposure
Middle and bottom poses- Axix

Friday, 2 August 2013

Letters Of Love

There are moments where the humanity that you see in people simply moves you. For me this event is one of those. 

Love Donna Flora is a fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia who is the creator behind the store Donna Flora. In 2010 she learned that she had cancer. This event is to raise money for nursing care and treatment. The support behind this event is amazing, wonderful stores giving donations from sales, jars around the sim to donate directly, even an online donation can be made if you don't want to venture out to the sim. 

On the blog there is a place where they are asking for people to post letters and comments of support and love. The kindness and love from people, even if they are people that you have never met, can truly mean the world at times. So please send a letter of love.

Happy wanderings to you all
And love, so much love.
<3 Ooka 

Jewellery- Donna Flora- LIA Set #1
Skin- Pink Fuel- Love Donna Flora ((Love Donna Flora))
Hair- LaViere- Hope, Black ((Love Donna Flora))
Eyes- .ID.- Sunburst, Aqua ((Summer Break Festival))
Dress- Gizza- Yeriak Gown ((Love Donna Flora))
Bunny- Ohmai!- Hope Bunny ((Love Donna Flora))
Hands and feet- Slink
Ears- Mandala
Top Pose- F*cking Ninjas
Middle and Bottom poses- Axix