Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Break

Hi guys!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Got a fun one for you today with some group gifts and a preview of some poses for Summer Break Festival ^.^

Let's start with the hair since Hair Fair has just opened! There are three parts to the fair! lots of shops and lots of things to demo! You could spend all day here! When I went the lag was killer so expect to hardly be able to move for a while ;) There is a demo group to help reduce lag and let you try before you TP in, this saves a bit of the frustration of waiting! The group is called Hair Fair Demo Group and it's free to join ;) The hair in the pics is by Calico! It's called Freya, loving the braids! The headband comes with a hud that can change both the colour of the band as well as the colour and texture of the metal parts! 

Summer Break Festival starts on the 15th ^.^ Axix have a set of poses with a round lifesaver, very cute! The round lifesavers come with and are even numbered so that you know which to use with the which pose, which means less of that pesky messing around with trying to get the prop in the right position! They also have a free ice cream and couples pose! The top pic is using one of the poses from the momo set, the other pics are using the poses and lifesavers in the Summer Break set! 

The skin is a new group gift from .Birdy! Such a sweet face! They now have appliers for Slink hands and feet and you can get both the hand and feet appliers for all skin tones for 1L! WOOT for not having to colour match! An amazing amount of detail in this skin, the maker has another skin store called Alchemy, it's really interesting to visit both, the style of the skins is very different but they are both amazing stores! 

The outfit is a group gift from Vero Modero! It's bright and fun, perfect for the beach ;)

The pics were taken at Humanoid. I derendered the shack for the pics ;) The windlight settings are from The Style Yakuza. One of their bloggers has very kindly shared a few of his windlight settings! <3 TY!

Happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka 

Skin- .Birdy- Brook ((Group Gift! Free Join! 1L for gift))
Hair- Calico Creations- Freya, Blond ((Hair Fair!))
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Gray
Outfit- [VM]- Female June Gift ((Group Gift! Free Join!))
Hands and feet- Slink
Ice cream- Axix ((Summer Break Festival! Free! Opens on the 15th!))
Top pose- Axix
Other poses- Axix ((Summer Break Festival! Opens on the 15th!)) <3 TY!

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