Tuesday, 30 July 2013


"I'm the self inflicted, mind detonator... Yeah, I'm the one infected, twisted animator, I'm the fire starter, Twisted fire starter" The Prodigy

Hi ^_^

End of the month everything is about to finish or start! Woooot! Run to the sales! Check your groups for gifts and get ready for the next month ;D

The skin today is a group gift from Modish! It's a beautiful skin and you get two tones in the gift! It also comes with and without a cleavage layer ^.^

The horns are a group gift from Remarkable Oblivion! They're awesome! They are also mod, YAY! So if you like the look but want them bigger or smaller or placed somewhere different you can! Check the group notices for the gift ;)

The eyes are a group gift from chus! You get two eyes in the gift, Ghost and Haunted... They are stunning. In the pics i'm wearing Haunted, they are as the name implies rather haunting.

The face paint and the fading on the arms and legs are from Lovely Disarray they are having a big sale but it ends at the end of the month so hurry! Everything is 30-50% off and some stuff wont be there after this sale!

The mesh gloves are a new release from Vrsion! They are a part of a mesh hand and sit only on the fingers, very cool! They come with a few different glove colours too! 

Photos were taken at Plaaka

I hope that you guys had a great month!
Happy wanderings 
<3 Ooka

Skin- Modish- Wendy Skin ((Group Gift! Cost Join))
Face Makeup- Lovely Dissarray- Lines and Dots ((Sale!))
Neck Makeup- +Nunna+- Meta Mackups
Tattoo- BlackFeet- To the ends of the earth
Arm and leg fades- Lovely Dissarray- Unveiling ((Sale!))
Eyes- Chus!- Mari Lens in Haunted ((Group Gift! Free Join!))
Hair- Lelutka- Blake, Jessica
Ears- Illusions- Sprite Ears
Tail- Static- Match Tail
Horns- RO- Diable Band ((Group Gift,Free Join!))
Gas Container- O.M.E.N- Gas Container, 4
Axe- [3MFS]- Axt- v1.0 ((Free!))
Outfit- Monso- My School Look
Lip Alpha and Teeth- Dead Apples- Lips Alpha XII
Hands- Vrsion- Mesh Hands with Glove, Normal pose 2
Feet- Slink
Top and Middle Poses- Zzang
Bottom Pose- Sorgo

Friday, 26 July 2013

Penetrating Soul Deep

Hi guys ^_^

Got  few sales for you! 

Lets start with the skin ^.^ This is one of Glam Affair's older skins, love the depth of this skin! Glam are having a big sale, most skins are marked down to just 100L! All of the skins have demos so remember to try them before you buy! The shattered effect is from Tableau Vivant. They are also having a sale! Most things in store are between 50-75% off ;) They do mens clothing, male skins, hairs and poses!

The piercings are by HoD and are for this round of The Gallery Gift Shop! You get two versions of this piercing, one with feathers for the mouth and one without them, both are awesome ^.^ You also get a range of colours for the piercings and both white and black feathers. All of it is mod so you can get everything just how you like ;3 The bone piercings through the nose are by Random Matter, love them! They're also mod so easy to fit and get the colour that you want. 

The eyes are a fun one! They are mesh eyes with a customizable Hud! There are a bunch of different things you can change, from the iris, to the veins and the reflective shine! The can be changed together or go for a heterochromatic look by changing just one side! ^.^ They are amazing, look great and are fun to play with to make effects! They have a youtube video that goes through how the HUD works, here's the link! Thank you so much to the friend who got these for me!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Glam Affair- Dark Side, Ginny 06 ((Sale!!))
Shattered head- Tableau Vivant- Prop Art, Breaking Apart ((Sale!!))
Eyes- FATE- FATEeyes
Hair- Lelutka- Emeli
Ear- Aitui- Streached Ears, Healing Pack
Piercings- HoD- The Crux, Razor ((Gallery Gift Shop))
Bone piercings-  r.M.- Harvester
Jewelery- Fine Smith- Love Angel ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Pants- Maitreya- Mesh leggings, Pearl
Top- (TokiD)- Quinn bralets ((The Dressing Room))
Hands- Slink
Top Pose- DelMay
Second Pose- Inertia
Third and Bottom pose- Axix <3 ty!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Don't Think I Don't Know Sympathy

"My victims in my shadow starin' back at me" Cold War Kids


I hope you've had a great weekend! Going to keep this one short and sweet so lets jump in! ^_^

Got another hair from the Hair Fair to show you today! This one's by Zibska ^.^ It's big and it's spiky! WOOT! Zibska have a few hairs at the Hair Fair and a beautiful gift of jewellery for just 1L! In the hair packs you get Black, Brown, Blond, Red and White! The hairs are fun and different, they all have demos so go try them, the longer I wore this hair the more I loved it! The jewellery in the pic is also by them, it's for this round of L'Accessories ;)

Back to Genre this week as well! La petite morte have this beautiful skin for just 100L ^.^ It's very pale which suits the lolita theme of this round perfectly. La petite morte also have eyes this round! They are super pretty, they come in a pack of 5 for 100L!

Photos taken at Kastel Rock

Have a great day!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- .La petite morte- Peony ((Genre))
Eyes- .La petite morte- Doll Eyes, Green ((Genre))
Hair- Zibska- Pero, Brown ((Hair Fair))
Jewellery-  Zibska- Shig ((L'Accessories))
Pants- League- Gartered Bikini, Champagne 
Hands and feet- Slink
Top and Bottom Poses- Axix <3
Middle Pose- Del May

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sweet Disposition

Hi ^_^

Hope that the start of the week has been a good one! Got a couple of really cute things to show you today ^.^

Let's start with the head! The Utilizator M3 head is sold on it's own, you get a different head when you buy their full mesh AV. This head has a heap more options! Different eye types and sizes, different expressions! It also has different skin tones! This means that you can wear it with a normal AV body and match the skin tone pretty well! The amount of different looks that you can get from this head are amazing! Happy, curious, shy, sad... It even has tears! 

The dress is by Violent Seduction, it can be found at this months round of Genre! The theme for this month is Lolita ^.^ The dress is beautiful! They have a few colours for 100L each ;D

The hair is by eep! It comes in the long pigtails that I have in the pictures below and shorter pigtails that stick up! You get both in the pack ;D They also have a really pretty gift out at hair fair, the two side bows are from their gift! There are a lot of awesome gifts at hair fair, the necklace in the pictures is by Zibska! It comes with matching earrings, a really stunning set of jewellery! The generosity of makers giving these gifts is amazingly kind, if any are reading this I would like to say thank you!

Have a great day!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essenses- Thursday, Light rose skin tone
Head- Utilizator- M3 Mesh Anime Head
Hair- eep- Hair . . Fades, redfade
Hair bows- eep- Hair 012 Bows ((1L! Hair Fair))
Head piece-  RO- Once Upon a Crown
Necklace- Zibska- Fleurette ((1L! Hair Fair))
Dress- Violent Seduction- Roseraie, Cream ((Genre))
Shoes- Slink- Paloma Point Ballet Slippers
Hands- Slink
Top pose- Captivity
Middle pose- Slink
Bottom pose- Axix <3 TY!
Pic taken at Leroy

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Break

Hi guys!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Got a fun one for you today with some group gifts and a preview of some poses for Summer Break Festival ^.^

Let's start with the hair since Hair Fair has just opened! There are three parts to the fair! lots of shops and lots of things to demo! You could spend all day here! When I went the lag was killer so expect to hardly be able to move for a while ;) There is a demo group to help reduce lag and let you try before you TP in, this saves a bit of the frustration of waiting! The group is called Hair Fair Demo Group and it's free to join ;) The hair in the pics is by Calico! It's called Freya, loving the braids! The headband comes with a hud that can change both the colour of the band as well as the colour and texture of the metal parts! 

Summer Break Festival starts on the 15th ^.^ Axix have a set of poses with a round lifesaver, very cute! The round lifesavers come with and are even numbered so that you know which to use with the which pose, which means less of that pesky messing around with trying to get the prop in the right position! They also have a free ice cream and couples pose! The top pic is using one of the poses from the momo set, the other pics are using the poses and lifesavers in the Summer Break set! 

The skin is a new group gift from .Birdy! Such a sweet face! They now have appliers for Slink hands and feet and you can get both the hand and feet appliers for all skin tones for 1L! WOOT for not having to colour match! An amazing amount of detail in this skin, the maker has another skin store called Alchemy, it's really interesting to visit both, the style of the skins is very different but they are both amazing stores! 

The outfit is a group gift from Vero Modero! It's bright and fun, perfect for the beach ;)

The pics were taken at Humanoid. I derendered the shack for the pics ;) The windlight settings are from The Style Yakuza. One of their bloggers has very kindly shared a few of his windlight settings! <3 TY!

Happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka 

Skin- .Birdy- Brook ((Group Gift! Free Join! 1L for gift))
Hair- Calico Creations- Freya, Blond ((Hair Fair!))
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Gray
Outfit- [VM]- Female June Gift ((Group Gift! Free Join!))
Hands and feet- Slink
Ice cream- Axix ((Summer Break Festival! Free! Opens on the 15th!))
Top pose- Axix
Other poses- Axix ((Summer Break Festival! Opens on the 15th!)) <3 TY!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Even Your Emotions Have An Echo In So Much Space

Hey ^_^

We <3 RP is open for it's new round! Lots of great deals for guys and girls! The outfit on the male AV can be found there ^.^ It's by Kahli Designs, you can put each layer on on it's own or wear it as one full outfit including the boots! The hat is from Tee*fy It's The grey fur soldier hat with the bar edited to be gold to match the outfit ;)

His skin is by Kooqla! It can be found at this round of Men's Department! It's amazing! Always love the lips on Kooqlas skins ;) The stubble is a tattoo layer that comes with the skin ^.^ The skin on the female AV is from Essences! The skin is called Noodles, they are at The Chapter Four, the one in the pics is Gothica! Love the dark shades around the eyes!

Maitreya are having a sale! All of their clothing is 50-75% off and the hairs are too ;D This hair is called Apple! Loving the laid back look of it ^_^

The pictures were taken at Taiga

I hope you are having a great week!
Happy Wanderings
<3 Ooka

On her-

Skin- Essences- Noodles, Gothica ((Gacha Machine))
Top- Somnia- Tranquility Top, Blue
Shorts- Peach- Tik Tok, Mint ((Gacha Machine))
Necklace- Violent Seduction- Nihon Necklaces, AI ((Gacha Machine))
Hair- Maitreya- Apple, Bleach Blond ((Sale!))
Head Band-  PFC- Elven Tiara, Daisies
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Grey
Hands and Feet- Slink

On him-

Skin- Kooqla- River ((Mens Dep))
Outfit- Kahli Designs- Royal Raiment ((WE <3 RP))
Hat- Tee*fy- Soldier Hat
Ears- Mandala- Simple ears

Middle and bottom- Axix <3 Ty!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Despite All My Rage

"I am still just a rat in a cage" Smashing Pumpkins

Hi guys ^_^

Fameshed has started for this months round! You'll find these boots there ^.^ They are by Remarkable Oblivion and are crazy awesome! The shape and texture are just perfect! You can pick between Tan and Leather, I have the leather ones on in the pics!

Lelutka have this pretty new hair for us! It has a scarf in it that has a bunch of different colours that you can make it by clicking it! ;)  

The tail is a USB plug!! Really cute and quirky! It's by S.I.G, they have a few different plugs that you can get including audio and ethernet plugs! ^.^  

The pics were taken at The Looking Glass

Hope your weeks been good!
Happy wanderings 
<3 Ooka

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Skin- Epic- Dark Elfin, Darkest Ash
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Sahara
Makeup, Black band- Lovely Disarray- Cursed Visions of Voodoo (( Makeup and Tattoo hunt, Free!))
Makeup, wings- White Widow- Eagle (( Makeup and Tattoo hunt, Free!))
Ears- [][]Trap[][]- Gelf Ears
Tail- S.I.G- Plug Tail, USB
Hair- Lelutka- Beth
Boots- RO- Hobnails, Leather
Top- .hk- Loose Sweater ((Free!))
Pants- DLS- Jeans, swirl ((Luck Board, Free!))
Top Pose- Clemmm
Middle Pose- DelMay
Bottom Pose- Inertia

Monday, 1 July 2013


Sales!!!!! WOOOT :D

Hey guys!

Some amazing sales are on at the moment! 
Magika have 50% off all hairs! They have 3 different huds for you to choose from when you buy! These hairs are always great value for money and the colours are just awesome in the huds! They have demos for free so make sure you try before you buy ;)

The Plastic is also having a big sale! Items are 50% off with fatpacks between 1000-2000L! They have horns, skins, clothing and accessories! The horns, the collar and the corset are all from this store! ^.^ The textures are beautifully made and there are lucky boards and even a free gift box at the sim!

I hope you had a great weekend! 
Happy wandering
<3 Ooka

Skin- Mother Goose- Suzanne ((1L!))
Eyemakeup- +nunna+- Ara MakeUps ((Cosmetics Fair))
Eyes- {D.A}- Sinister, Natural Grey
Hair- Magika- Rhyme ((SALE!!!))
Horns- :[p]:- The Arachzis Horns, Stark ((SALE!!!))
Collar- :[p]:- The Devistation Collars, Stark ((SAle!!!))
Corset- :[p]:- Seren Corsets, Stark ((Sale!!!))
Pants- :[p]:- Aeda Slacks, Skinnies, Stark ((Free! In the June Gift in store!))
Top- Dirtyland- HappyGirl Top 
Hands and feet- Slink
Top and middle poses- Axix <3 TY!
bottom sides poses- Axix 
Bottom middle poses- Inertia