Thursday, 27 June 2013

No One Told You When To Run... You Missed The Starting Gun

Hey ^_^

Hope you're having a good week guys!

Remarkable Oblivion have this awesome headset out at SL Fashion Week! It changes over on Friday so hurry down and get them ;) You can get them in grey, pink or camo like i have on in the photos below!

Today is the last day of the sale at Alice Project! It's 50% off! hurry hurry hurry ;D

The outfit and the eye patch are from May's soul, they were both out for 25L Tuesday! They tend to change by the weekend ^.^ There are really good luck boards at May's soul and there are always some great specials!

The pics below were taken at Dryland

Have fun and happy wanderings guys ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Whisper, light rose ((TDR))
Eye Makeup- Clemmm- Insomniac Pack, black day 13
Lipstick- PF- Ink Lipsticks
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Grey
Hair- Alice Project- Ivy
Headpeice- RO- Jetstream, camo ((SL Fashion Week))
Tattoo- S.H.S- King Owl Tattoo
Outfit- May's Soul- Pacme, Brown ((25L Tuesday))
Hands and Feet- slink
Top and bottom pose- Inertia
Middle pose- Axix <3 TY!

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