Saturday, 15 June 2013

Love Is Blindness

"Love is blindness, I don't wanna see, Won't you wrap the night, Around me, oh my love... Blindness" 
Love is blindness, Jack White (cover of u2)

Hi guys :)
Hope you are well and are enjoying the weekend!

Got some beautiful things to show you today ^_^
Kooqla have this amazingly stunning eyeshadow out! The luminosity of it is stunning, really striking, dark yet elegant make up.

These gorgeous wings are by Hispose, they are made for male avs but they work well on female avs too! They are static wings, so they dont move but for pictures they are just amazing! You get 6 poses and wings that match each pose, they are mod so you can move them around with other poses too ;) They also can be changed between black and white to suit the look your after.

The boat in the last picture is by Tricksters and is from The Arcade! The prizes from these guys are fun and different :D You wear the boat and walk around, lol, it has two animations in it! The prizes are based around mythology, each comes with a note card saying what they are and telling you about them! They are fun and educational :D Here's what the note card says about the boat:

 #6 Loki's Skithblathnir - Yggdrasill

Loki is the most popular, and the worst nightmare-like trickster appears in North mythology (and my personal fav). He caused too many problems in Asgard, but also brought many treasures from different worlds. It says one of those
treasures, Skithblathnir was the best sailing ship in the universe.

Go forth and learn! ^_^
Happy wanderings guys
<3 Ooka

Skin- [KOOQLA]- Mango 01
Eyeshadow- [KOOQLA]- Liquid Shadows
Hair- [Lelutka]- Lillian
Eyes- Clemmm- The whites
Lipstick- -UyopiaH-Always Hiding make-up
Bracelets- Cute Poison- Fragmented Bracelets
Collar- Zombie Suicide- Shimmer Collar Skulls
Dress- Maai- Glitter Dress, red ((Lucky Chair! Free!))
Hands and Feet- Slink
Boat- TrickstersLoki's Skithblathnir ((The Arcade))
Top pose- Inertia
Second Pose- Axix <3 TY
Third Pose- Hispose, comes with the wings!
Bottom Poses- DelMay

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