Friday, 7 June 2013

Leeward Side

Hi ^_^

Hope you guys are well!

I have a a few goodies from the arcade to show you! These are all on the female AV.
 Let's start with the skin ^.^ Glam Affair have a beautiful new lot of skins for this round of The Arcade, it's 100L to play! They are all beautiful. The hair is by Wasabipills only 50L  try and it's way pretty! Stuff from The Arcade is transfer no copy, this means you can swap with friends! I didn't get the colour of hair that I was after but a friend did, she lent me hers for these pics, perfect colour for what I was after, ty :)

The new round of We <3 RP is open! YAY! The males skin, shape and ears are from Alchemy. I couldn't resist this, love the skin and the shape of the AV! The wings are at We <3 RP too, they are by [europa] you get a heap of colours! The ones I have on are the blank ones tinted to match the skin ;)

The dress is from [DW] it's a subscriber gift! You get a few different sizes and a hud that changes the colour! The pants on the male av are from Xiaj ^.^ You get sizes for both male and female avs in the pack! Really liking the pattern on them.

Have a great weekend!
Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka 

"Because I want to be someone worthy of your conversation, The madness in the moonless night, So shake off your leeward side" Josh Pyke, Leeward Side


Skin- Glam Affair- Lulu 12 ((The Arcade, Rare))
Hair- Wassabi Pills- Lory, seafoam ((The Arcade))
Eyes- {D.A}- thunder eyes, champagne ((The Arcade))
Dress- [DW]- Lola Dress ((Subscriber Gift, Free!))
Hands and Feet- Slink

Skin, shape and ears- Alchemy- Demon skins, Fallen ((WE <3 RP))
Wings- [europa]- Nyxus, Blank tinted to match skin ((We <3 RP))
Eyes- Ikon- Destiny eyes, Maya
Hair- Ink- Masuno
Pant- Xiaj- Tribe skinny pants

Top- male- Axix
Top- female- Del may
Middle- Del may
Bottom- male- Del May
Bottom- Female- Axix

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