Thursday, 27 June 2013

No One Told You When To Run... You Missed The Starting Gun

Hey ^_^

Hope you're having a good week guys!

Remarkable Oblivion have this awesome headset out at SL Fashion Week! It changes over on Friday so hurry down and get them ;) You can get them in grey, pink or camo like i have on in the photos below!

Today is the last day of the sale at Alice Project! It's 50% off! hurry hurry hurry ;D

The outfit and the eye patch are from May's soul, they were both out for 25L Tuesday! They tend to change by the weekend ^.^ There are really good luck boards at May's soul and there are always some great specials!

The pics below were taken at Dryland

Have fun and happy wanderings guys ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Whisper, light rose ((TDR))
Eye Makeup- Clemmm- Insomniac Pack, black day 13
Lipstick- PF- Ink Lipsticks
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension, Grey
Hair- Alice Project- Ivy
Headpeice- RO- Jetstream, camo ((SL Fashion Week))
Tattoo- S.H.S- King Owl Tattoo
Outfit- May's Soul- Pacme, Brown ((25L Tuesday))
Hands and Feet- slink
Top and bottom pose- Inertia
Middle pose- Axix <3 TY!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

We Can Keep It Together But Pressure and Time Have Their Way

 "We're constructed from the same design... With a heart that makes no sense to the mind" Sparkadia

Hi guys ^_^

Got a new dress from Graves to show ya today! The back dips low and shows a lot of back ^.^ There's a lovely shape to the mesh and the textures are always amazing! The jewellery and attachments come with it as well as the stockings!

Both of these skins are awesome! Lets start with the female skin... This very pretty young face is the at The Dressing Room this round! It's by Essences and just 70L and comes with a cleavage layer you can add or take off ;)
The male skin is by +nuuna+ it's got crazy amounts of personality! It's on the wall of cheap and awesome things and costs 1L! Woot! The eyes are also from there and cost 1L as well ;)

The jumper on the male av is a group gift from Vero Modero! They have a wall of gifts for guys and a wall of gifts for girls! 

Hope you're having a good week so far!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

 Female av:
Skin- Essences- Whisper, light rose ((The Dressing Room))
Hair- Taketomi- Ryu
Eyes- Ikon- Ascension eyes, Grey
Ears- Aitui- Stretched ears, healing pack, Split
Dress- Graves- FlashBack
Boots- [NeurolaB inc]- Activa Boots

Skin- +nuuna+- The Creep ((1L!))
Eyes- +nuuna+- Halloween 2010 ((1L!))
Hair- MADesigns- Slide ((Free!))
Jumper- Vero Modero- April'13 Group Gift ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Legs- A&M- Cat Walker ((Lucky Board!))

Poses- Delmay

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hi ^_^

It's been a while since I've done a look that was made up of group gifts, dollarbies and freebies.. So here's one for you!

This beautiful dress is the latest group gift from Purple Moon! It has great movement in the skirt and is perfect for going out for a dance, formal without looking over the top ;) The belt comes with the dress, handy for those mix and match outfits ^.^

The hair is from D!va, they have a bunch of great group gifts that come in fatpacks so you have one of every colour!

Chus! have these eyes out for free for everyone! They have a shelf of dollarbies and freebies ^.^ and two lucky boards in store for group members!

The head piece and the necklace are group gifts from from Sweet Leonard. They also have a sale on at the moment! WOOT!

The skin is a group gift from .Birdy! Soft and sweet face, really love this skin :)

Hope your weekend is going well
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka


Skin- .Birdy- Delilah ((Group Gift! Cost Join))
Hair- D!va- Marie ((Group Gift, Free Join!))
Eyes- Chus!- Seer Lenses ((Free!))
Headband- Sweet Leonard- FlowerPop Headband ((Group Gift! Cost Join))
Necklace- Sweet Leonard- Be my Prince ((Group Gift! Cost join))
Dress-PM- Mina Gown ((Group Gift! Free Join))
Hands and feet- Slink
Poses- Axix <3 TY!
Pics taken at Chouchou

Friday, 21 June 2013

Ink Born

Hi guys!

It's BG time! WOOT :D 
This mod was the one that first convinced me to get the BG Feline! Probably my favorite BG mod that I've come across so far! I love the way that she seems to be dripping, the little highlights of white that are just so perfectly placed, the texture, the tone... Just all of it! 

The eyes are from Puppy! They have a board in the mainstore that you can click once a day with your group tag on and you will get a randomly selected colour of eyes ^.^ They need a little bit of moving to get them in the right place but they fit the AV really well!

The ink jar and fish are amazing :D The ink swirls and moves around forming fish that swim and then vanish into the haze of ink again! I could sit and watch it for ages, really beautifully done <3

Instead of writing a guide to adding the texture mod to the BG Feline I've decided to put the how to as a tab up the top of the main page of my blog. It's helpful to know but I don't want to make you guys have to keep reading over it if you already have the info!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Happy wanderings 
<3 Ooka

Base AV- Blue Galaxy- BG Feline
BG Mod- Static- Blight
Teeth Mod- Static- Bg Teeth mod ((Free!))
Eyes- Puppy- Reflective eyes, Demonology ((Group Gift! Free join!))
Jar- A.N.C- Ink play [Kin toto]
Top and middle poses- Del May
Bottom Pose- O.M.P

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Summer

"And all our days were a sun-drenched haze
While the salt spray crusted on the window panes" Josh Pyke

Hi guys ^_^

I have a few group gifts to tell you about as well as a sale ;)

Alice Project is having a sale! WOOT :) They have taken 50% off most of their hairs! The sale ends on the 27th of June so you have time to get down there and grab the hairs you want ^.^ Never hurts to get in early though so head down there when you can! You can find the hair in the pics below there! Loving the wind blown look, really brings out the feeling of a nice summer breeze.

The eyes in the pic are a new release and a group gift from Insufferable Dastard! The colours in the eyes are so pretty, they really pop on a bronzed skin! The V.I.P pack that is sent out to group members (check notices if you haven't got it!) has a few different eyes and these are my favorite!

The top in the pictures is a group gift from Diram! It's one hot number ^.^ Business like but open at the front.

Seems like everything is focused on summer at the moment! Axix have a lovely pose as a group gift for the summer, arms out and head up meeting the sun as it shines down. Love this pose, it really hits that feeling of the first day the warmth comes back.

Now, if you are at Summerfest don't forget to get a few steps away from the busy stalls and head down to the beach! They have really done a lovely job with that beach! Nice to sit at and lovely for photos!

Hope you all had a good start to the week!
For those of you that live in the parts of the world where the sun is out enjoy it, the rest of us are starting to feel the cold of winter!
Happy wanderings guys
<3 Ooka

Skin- Swallow- Sarah 02 ((The Arcade))
Eyes- .ID.- Tropical Brights, Beach ((Group gift! cost join))
Hair- Alice Project- Willow  ((Sale!))
Necklace and earrings- Mandala- Yakushi Jewelry set
Top- Diram- Blake Blazer ((Group gift! cost join))
Pants- [Cynful]- Zia Denim v2.0, Skinny, blue
Suspenders- .Shi- Leather Suspenders, black
Hands and feet- Slink
Middle pose- Axix ((Group gift! Free join!))
Top and Bottom pose- Del May

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Awake My Soul

Hi guys ^_^

So a few things opened this week! So many cool things on, including Summerfest, Cosmetics fair, the Gallery Gift shop,  Genre and The Garden! I'll go into a few of them now but for more info head over to seraphimsl! They cover a heap of events and update a lot! 

OK! Lets start with Genre! The theme for this round is Art Deco; Beauty above all else. It holds true to the theme, the creators have really done a great job capturing Art Deco ^.^ from beautiful furniture to stunning dresses and everything between and all the pretty things for under 100L! WOOT! This stunning dress is at the event, it's by senzafine! You can pick from two colours, I went with the bronze ^.^

H.o.D have released the second part to Scorpio's Simplicity. Really liking this set! At the main store you can get it for a special group price if you wear your group tag! If you aren't in the group the piercings can be found at The Gallery Gift shop ^_^ The ear gauges are also by H.o.D, I'm wearing 5 in each ear ;)

The skin is from Mother Goose and is only 1L! Really pretty and suits the art deco look ^.^ I've added freckles and beauty marks that Essences has released at Cosmetics Fair! They are so darn cute!

I found a really beautiful sim and I want to share it with you guys! The pictures below were all taken at The Noble Story Book, when you arrive you have to click the book to get down to the sim itself.

Hope you had a great weekend ^_^
Happy wandering!
<3 Ooka

Skin- Mother Goose- Sia ((1L!))
Freackles- Essences- Freakles Type B and Beauty Marks ((Cosmetics fair!))
Hair- Boon- URU697, Red
Eyes- Ikon- Utiopia Eyes, Pale silver+Blue
Tattoo- {S.H.S}- Maori Warrior Tattoo ((Sale!))
Ears- Aitui- Stretched ear Healing 2.5
Face Piercings- H.o.D- Scorpio's Simplicity
Chest Piercings- H.o.D- Scorpio's Simplicity Prt. 2 ((20L in mainstore with group tag on!))
Ear Gauges- H.o.D- Neon Punk Gauges, 5 per ear ;)
Dress- .:SF:.- Josephine Dress, Bronzed ((Genre))
Top pose- Axix <3 TY!
Middle pose- Sorgo
Bottom pose- Delmay

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Love Is Blindness

"Love is blindness, I don't wanna see, Won't you wrap the night, Around me, oh my love... Blindness" 
Love is blindness, Jack White (cover of u2)

Hi guys :)
Hope you are well and are enjoying the weekend!

Got some beautiful things to show you today ^_^
Kooqla have this amazingly stunning eyeshadow out! The luminosity of it is stunning, really striking, dark yet elegant make up.

These gorgeous wings are by Hispose, they are made for male avs but they work well on female avs too! They are static wings, so they dont move but for pictures they are just amazing! You get 6 poses and wings that match each pose, they are mod so you can move them around with other poses too ;) They also can be changed between black and white to suit the look your after.

The boat in the last picture is by Tricksters and is from The Arcade! The prizes from these guys are fun and different :D You wear the boat and walk around, lol, it has two animations in it! The prizes are based around mythology, each comes with a note card saying what they are and telling you about them! They are fun and educational :D Here's what the note card says about the boat:

 #6 Loki's Skithblathnir - Yggdrasill

Loki is the most popular, and the worst nightmare-like trickster appears in North mythology (and my personal fav). He caused too many problems in Asgard, but also brought many treasures from different worlds. It says one of those
treasures, Skithblathnir was the best sailing ship in the universe.

Go forth and learn! ^_^
Happy wanderings guys
<3 Ooka

Skin- [KOOQLA]- Mango 01
Eyeshadow- [KOOQLA]- Liquid Shadows
Hair- [Lelutka]- Lillian
Eyes- Clemmm- The whites
Lipstick- -UyopiaH-Always Hiding make-up
Bracelets- Cute Poison- Fragmented Bracelets
Collar- Zombie Suicide- Shimmer Collar Skulls
Dress- Maai- Glitter Dress, red ((Lucky Chair! Free!))
Hands and Feet- Slink
Boat- TrickstersLoki's Skithblathnir ((The Arcade))
Top pose- Inertia
Second Pose- Axix <3 TY
Third Pose- Hispose, comes with the wings!
Bottom Poses- DelMay

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Beauty Lies Inside Desire

Hi ^_^

Waka & Yuki are closing, as a good bye they have marked all of their hairs to 0L. This is a really sweet gesture and what a way to say good bye! The sim is crazy at the moment! The hair in the pictures below is from here ^.^ Really pretty and has an inbuilt colour hud.

Cstar have is beautiful new skin line on the gacha machines! They put them out at 10L and it goes up by 1L a day! the skins are stunning, there are a number of different makeups and skin tones to win. I got Satin Tan Geisha 5 ^.^ 

The necklace is a new release from Mandala! The jewellery from here is always elegant and just beautiful! Love this necklace. The money made from Mandala goes towards keeping the beautiful sim Tempura open. The necklace comes with a matching set of earrings, I just couldn't resist the look of the ones I have from P.C along side this hair!

The eyes are a part of the new round of Perfect Wardrobe, this rounds theme is the 7 sins ^.^ These eyes are Wrath, you get 4 colours in the pack, a red, a white, a yellow and the black that I have on in the pics ;D

Hope your week has been good so far!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka 

Skin- Cstar- Stain Tan, Geisha 5
Hair- W&Y- Model Hair 20, black ((Free!))
Eyes- Zombie Suicide- Wrath Eyes ((Perfect Wardrobe))
Eyelashes- #7- Zero Miles Lashes
Dress- Purple Moon- Meryl Gown, black
Necklace- Mandala- Yakushi, red
Earrings-  P.C- Stone Hammered Earrings
Hands- Slink- Elegant hands 1
Poses- Middle and Bottom- DelMay
Poses- Top- Inertia ((upstairs at DelMay))

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mind's Eye

Hi ^_^

Hope you guys are well!

I have a mask to show you today! A friend found this and got it for me, the more I look at it the more it amazes me. The texture is great, the shape is great but more then that the eye! The eye moves! It looks around from time to time then right back at you! The first time it did it I wasn't sure it had moved, lol, I sat watching it to see if it really did XD In the pack i got is a black and red, a black and silver and one that changes between! They have more to choose from in the store so head over and have a look ;D

The new round of The Dressing Room Fusion has started! ^.^ Lot's of very pretty things including this skin from Essences. Her face is just beautiful, the golden tone is my favorite of the ones at TDR, the colour of the makeup suits the skin wonderfully. The dress is also from TDR, it's one hot little number! The slits up the sides show off a lovely amount of leg ;)

The black on the arms and legs is a new release from Lovely Disarray, it comes with fingerless and full fingered versions! Really liking the fingerless version ;D

Hope you had a great weekend!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Wednesday II Magentic, Golden Bronze ((At TDR!))
Eyes- Ikon- Lucid Eyes, Machine
Arm and leg tattoo- Lovely Disarray- Unraveilling Gloves and Leg Tattoo ((New!))
Hair- Miss C.- Ava, Mocha
Dress- Paperbag.- Racerback Double Split Maxi ((At TDR!))
Mask- Vika- Wolfmarsk, black Red
fur on shoulders- H.O.F- AnjaFur Shoulders ((Free!))
Fur Collar, Bracelets and leg band- May's soul- Anubis, tinted ((on sale!))
Top Pose- Axix <3
Bottom Pose- DelMay  
Bottom pic taken at Ison 
Wolves- Manticore- Fenrir V.2

Friday, 7 June 2013

Leeward Side

Hi ^_^

Hope you guys are well!

I have a a few goodies from the arcade to show you! These are all on the female AV.
 Let's start with the skin ^.^ Glam Affair have a beautiful new lot of skins for this round of The Arcade, it's 100L to play! They are all beautiful. The hair is by Wasabipills only 50L  try and it's way pretty! Stuff from The Arcade is transfer no copy, this means you can swap with friends! I didn't get the colour of hair that I was after but a friend did, she lent me hers for these pics, perfect colour for what I was after, ty :)

The new round of We <3 RP is open! YAY! The males skin, shape and ears are from Alchemy. I couldn't resist this, love the skin and the shape of the AV! The wings are at We <3 RP too, they are by [europa] you get a heap of colours! The ones I have on are the blank ones tinted to match the skin ;)

The dress is from [DW] it's a subscriber gift! You get a few different sizes and a hud that changes the colour! The pants on the male av are from Xiaj ^.^ You get sizes for both male and female avs in the pack! Really liking the pattern on them.

Have a great weekend!
Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka 

"Because I want to be someone worthy of your conversation, The madness in the moonless night, So shake off your leeward side" Josh Pyke, Leeward Side


Skin- Glam Affair- Lulu 12 ((The Arcade, Rare))
Hair- Wassabi Pills- Lory, seafoam ((The Arcade))
Eyes- {D.A}- thunder eyes, champagne ((The Arcade))
Dress- [DW]- Lola Dress ((Subscriber Gift, Free!))
Hands and Feet- Slink

Skin, shape and ears- Alchemy- Demon skins, Fallen ((WE <3 RP))
Wings- [europa]- Nyxus, Blank tinted to match skin ((We <3 RP))
Eyes- Ikon- Destiny eyes, Maya
Hair- Ink- Masuno
Pant- Xiaj- Tribe skinny pants

Top- male- Axix
Top- female- Del may
Middle- Del may
Bottom- male- Del May
Bottom- Female- Axix

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Money Talks

Hi guys ^_^

Numerology is open ;) It's an event where everything is made centered around numbers! The bowtie in the pic is from the event, it's by Remarkable Oblivion, I know I've blogged a few of their things recently and I say it each time, but they continue to blow my mind! Love the creativity in the work they do! 

Wanted to put together some sort of Pimp av, lol, a little random but why not! Even got myself a Pimpin cane! Or should I say magic stick. lol

The eye hooks are from Black Liquid ^.^ something different and pretty cool. You can get black or silver, they are mod! so if you are wanting them in colour I suggest getting the silver so you can edit the colour ;D

The skin is one of two new group gifts from La Petite Morte! There is this one and a more tanned skin as new group gifts. The store has been moved around and changed a lot too! Really liking the new look ^^

The leggings are from Lunaricon they are in a gacha machines at the store. I got the black first time! Woot!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Happy wanderings
<3 Ooka


Hair- Lelutka- Jada, Marilyn
Skin- .la petite morte- ophelia ((Group gift! cost join))
Eyes- Clemmm- the whites
makeup- Clemmm- Sleepless day 6, black
Tattoo- Corvus- Medicated
Lashes- Zibiska- tintable lashes ((past gift))
Piercings- HoD- The dead v2
Hooks- Black Liquid- Lashes, hooked
Leggings-lunaricon- cross of st peter suspenders
Skirt- Alter Ego- mesh minis, tartan
Bowtie- RO- 8 Million Dollar bowtie ((Numerology))
Garter- Alter Ego- Money Garter
Walking stick- Hate This- The claw, walking cane
Boots- :::LC:::- Amen Boots ((Group Gift, Free Join))
Hands- Slink- elegant mesh hands 1
Poses, middle- Axix Animations <3 TY!
Poses, top and bottom- Del may