Friday, 31 May 2013

Pull the Pylons Down


I have a few awesome things to show you today... But first I would like to say thank you! For checking out my blog, for the favs on flickr and for all of the support! Means a lot to me <3

ok, enough of the mushy stuff, lets get into the pretty things I have to show you! 

These horns are a group gift from Epic! The crosses are an add on gift so you can have the horns with or without them ;) There are a bunch of awesome group gifts in store, it does cost to join but there are amazing gifts and specials for the group! 

I'm really liking the new round of Perfect Wardrobe ^.^ the top is from there, it's by Corvus and comes in a red, a black, a grey and a purple. The pants are also from there, they are by Le Primitif! They have an option for part to be sheer or all to be solid.

The skin is by Essences for this round of Zodiac, loving the lip colour! 

Happy wanderings and have a great weekend! 
<3 Ooka

Skin- Essences- Gemini 03 ((Zodiac))
Eyeshadow- Lovely Disarray- Wet Eye Shadows, White lie whisper
Eyes- {D.A}- Shattered,Glass
Necklace- Zibska- Ines Necklace
Hair- Calico Ingmann Creations- Genevieve 2
Horns- Epic- VIP Members Gift Horns ((Group Gift!))
Crosses on Horns- Epic- VIP Members Gift Celtic Cross Add on ((Group Gift!))
Top- Corvus- Black Steampunk Jacket ((Perfect Wardrobe))
Pants- ;;;LP;;;- Panel leggings ((Perfect Wardrobe))
Suspenders- Shi- Leather Suspenders, Black
Nails- Kre-ations- Bloody Cross Nails
Boots- Epic- Neo Mega Stompers, Coal

Middle and Bottom Poses- Axix  Tysm Elise <3
Top Pose- Inertia

Monday, 27 May 2013

Memories and Dust


My computer still isn't doing too great but I'm working at getting a new one so hopefully I should be posting more again soon ;)

 Anyway! There's a lot going on at the moment! World Goth fair is on! *WOOT* The tattoo that looks like there's ink dripping down the top half of the body is a part of the fair ^.^ It's by Fallen Gods! They have a male and a female version as well as a red or black!

The headphones are the latest release from Remarkable Oblivion ;D Love them! As always the detail work on R.O stuff is simply mind blowing. They are available at the 100 block, which is open till the end of the the month! 

Sea Hole is closing, it's sad to see it go. There are a lot of amazing dresses, tops and pants at the store. Everything is on sale for 50L until the end of the month! Hurry down and get things before they are gone from the grid for good! 

Hope you had a great weekend!
Happy Wandering
<3 Ooka

Hair- Boon- ARK554, blueblack
Hair base- Boon- part a hairbase
Tattoo (goes over face and shoulders)- Fallen Gods- Caolborn ((World Goth Fair))
Skin- Glam Affair- Margot
Earphones- Remarkable Oblivion- Megahertz Earphones ((100Block))
Lipstick- Pink Fuel- Ink lipstick/gloss
Eye makeup- Dead Apples- Wet look, standard pack
Eyes- Clemmm- The whites
Piercings- Hod- Scorpios Simplicity
Pants- Sea Hole- Pussy Pushers, mink
Poses- LaPlegua ((New!))

Monday, 20 May 2013

Little Lion

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is well ^_^ Things have been a bit busy so I haven't had to much time this week. Decided to try something a little different! I'm doing a post with the BG feline again only this time the mod for the torso, legs, feet and hands are ones that I have made, I have also made a notecard of how to add the mod. I'm making these available to you guys as a few download files, follow each link to download them. You can then upload them in world and mod your GB AV.

The head is from Utilizator! Love this head soooo much! there are a few different expressions and eye colours to choose from ^.^ It is just so damn cute!

The hair is from Lelutka. It makes me think of a mane, had this picture in mind since I saw it. The hairs from Lelutka are always amazing, this has just become one of my favorites! I got the natural fades I think it helps with the mane like look ;)

If you have any problems with the files downloading feel free to leave me a notecard in world, the name is ookaminoko without any spaces ^_^

Happy wanderings!
<3 Ooka

Mesh av- Blue Galaxy- BG feline
Head- Utilizator- Rikugou Head
Collar- Static- Neko Bell Collar
Hair- Lulutka- Boofant, fades natural
Tail- Lemon Tea- Somali
Poses- Axix- Drama ((New!)) <3 TysmElise
Mod for av- links above

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hangovers and Butterflies

Hi guys! ^_^

I noticed since I got back that there are a lot of things with butterflies out! I've seen horns that they are attached to and headbands made of them! All the pretty colours ^.^ The ones in the pictures are a group gift from Epic! They have a click to turn on animation and they come in a heap of colours and sizes.

Glam affair have this pretty skin out at Collabor88 ;) You get a clean version as well as one with make up, they have a few to chose from! The eyeshadow is from Lovely Derisory, you get a bunch of colours! Love the wet look to them!

The top is a group gift from Coco ^^ Simple but pretty and useful! There are a bunch of group gifts at the store including shoes, dresses, hats and leggings!

The Plastik have an amazing pack out for fifty L friday! i only found it yesterday >.> but they seem to have the specials out for a while so RUN and get it! The boots and the skirt are from the pack and there are also dresses in it! shoes! necklaces! and all for just 50L :D

Hope you are having a good week!
Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- Glam Affair- Margot, Europa 02 ((Collabor88))
Eyeshadow- Lovely Disarray- Wet Eye Shadows, Okami Midnight
Eyes- .ID.- Essentials, Grey ((Group Gift! cost join))
Hair- Wasabi Pills- Jacqueline, Whites pack
Top- COCO- Cropped Tank Top ((Group Gift, free join!))
Skirt and Boots- :[P]:- FLF Seq Megapack ((Fifty L Friday))*late but still out!*
Tattoo- Blackfeet- To the ends of the earth
Butterflies- Epic- Butterfly Buddies! ((Group gift, cost join))
Middle poses- Axix <3 Tysm Elise
top pose- SORGO ((Fi*Friday))

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hi guys! ^_^

Hope your weeks been good so far! 

I have a few sale items as well as an awesome group gift to show you today!

Let's start with the skin! Cstar are having a sale ^.^ Items with pink tags are 50% off untill the 17th of May! There are some amazingly beautiful skins on this sale including the one in the pics below. This is the light version of  Anjelica. This skin is very soft an natural the eye shadow is from madrid solo, I just love the way it looked with the light lips of this skin!

We Love Role-Play has started!!! WOOT! Amazing things and some great deals! The horns are from the event, and are by [europa]. You get a HEAP of different colours as well as a UV layer for if you want to make your own texture and they are all copy mod! On sale at the event, as is the outfit! :)

The hair is a group gift from Tram! I came across this place for the first time this week, great shop! Clothing, hair and accessories! ^.^

The legs are from Gauze! I love them! I got the warm tones ;)

The sim in the sunset pic is Split screen installation space.

Hope your weeks going well!
Happy Wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

Skin- cStar limited- Anjelica 3, light

Hair- Tram- A811 hair ((group gift, free join!))

Eyes- {D.A}- Moon Eyes ((group gift, free join!))

Eye shadow- Madrid Solo- Legend, sunset

Horns- [Europa]- Maelus horns, fire and ice ((We Love Role-Play))

Outfit- Gspot- Extremely Coy ((We Love Role-Play))

Legs- [Gauze]- Demon legs, warm

Gloves- FATEwear- Dexter
Bottom pose- Axix <3 Tysm Elise
Middle and top poses- DelMay

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sweet as Sugar

Hi guys ^_^

Al Vulo have a new group gift out! YAY! It’s a very pretty tanned skin with pink lips ^.^

The shape, the stars, the lip gloss and the eyeliner are all from Candy Cutie! They are all modify! It’s a set that includes all of those for just 15L! The makeups in the pack come in white and can be tinted ;D

Loving the eyes by Dead Apple ^^ These are newish; they are part of the Shattered eyes and are called Apocalypse. They are placed up with the eyes on the left if you are facing the main eye wall… just telling you since I may have over looked them and gone on the hunt to find them! Lol

Axix have these fun, sweet and sexy poses out to show off boobies ^.^ great for the girls who have lola’s mesh boobs and want to show them off in pics.

The necklace is from Sweet Leonard, and is the latest group gift! You get both a long and a short version! In the pictures I have the shorter one on ^_^

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Happy Wanderings

<3 Ooka

Skin- Al vulo!- Aisha, Barbie ((Group Gift, Free Join!))

Hair- Truth- Kasia, sangria with roots

Eyes- {D.A}- Shattered, Apocalypse

Blush- {D.A}- Anime Blushes, Blush5

Star makup, lipgloss, eyeliner and shape- Candy Cutie- Gyaru’s makeup starter kit ((only 15L!))

Dress- Coldlogic- Dress, Wood.Cherry

Necklace- Sweet Leonard- Elemental Necklace ((Group Gift, Cost Join))

Shoes-Maai- Sugar, black

Hands- Slink- Elegant hands 1

Poses- Axix- Lola poses <3 Tysm Elise!
Teeth- Label Mode- Prim teeth

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Finaly Back ;)

Hi guys ^_^

Sorry that it’s been so long! My computer is turning on now at least *Woot* I missed a few big events in the time it took to get the parts I needed but such is life!

Got a few new things to show you! 

Let’s start with the skin! This is the latest realise from Kooqla ^.^ Her name is Mango; the skin comes in the light tone or a more tanned tone. I have on the light tone in the pictures. Lovely lips and a great deal of detail in the skin, really simple and beautiful.

H.o.D have these Gauges at the gallery gift shop, though there are three colours in the store that only group members can purchase. The eyes are also at the gallery gift shop and are by Tableau Vivant; they have a beautiful luminosity to them! The ones in the picture are called Sun ^.^ easy to tell why.

Really liking these tights! They are by Xiaj who mostly have male clothing, though some of it is unisex (these pants are an example) they have a lucky board in the shop and a group gift! The texture on the pants in the pictures is striking giving them an almost punk feel.

Thank you for checking out my blog even though it’s been a while since my last post. Really does mean a lot to me ^_^

Happy wanderings guys!

<3 Ooka

Hands- Epic- Mesh Demon hands ((Group gift, cost join))

Ears-Illusions- Sprite ears

Earrings- .HoD.- Neon Gagues, neon punk ((Group only colour, cost join))

Pants- Xiaj- Skull leggings

Boots- ::LC::- Amen Boots ((Group gift, free join))

Skin- Kooqla- Mango 01

Hair- [Lelutka]- Emeli, metal

Mouth cut and horns- DLS- Kno’hr Horns & mouth

Eyes- Tableau Vivant- Galaxy Eyes, sun ((Gallery Gift Shop))
Top- [In]sight- Sweater with shirt ((Fi*Friday))
Poses- Axix- Lolas poses <3 Tysm Elise