Sunday, 7 April 2013

Death Doll

Hi ^_^

Since I’ve shown you the BG feline and the BG and Riku mix I thought I should show you some of the Riku AV line! This is the Rikugou av in armor! Lets start by talking about the head ^.^ You can get this on it’s own or as part of the full av. The head comes with a number of different face expressions as well as different coloured eyes! The body of the av comes in parts, like arms, legs, core ect. They work beautifully together and the armor fits the av like a dream! The armor comes with a ‘Bonus box’ in it you’ll find a few things, including UV maps for if you want to make your own textures for the armor and a unrigged version of the armor for if you want to edit it to fit a different type of av! I think that’s way exciting and plan on starting human trials soon WHAHAHA… Oh and the cable that works as a tail is part of the armor!

The attachments on the hands are from Remarkable Oblivion! Yes they are scissor hands! :3 I love them! The detail in the texturing is just awesome! They are editable, I made them quite a bit bigger to fit this av. They also have a hand alpha to cover your hands if you like, personally I like them looking like they slip over the hands and are closed at the wrists.

The bat wings are from Coco Doll, They’re free for everyone and are resizable! When made big they are really striking though they didn’t suit the av that big so I kept them fairly small.

Got another awesome sim for you to check out if you haven’t …it’s called Rust, click the name and it’ll take you to the slurl ;)

Happy wandering!

<3 Ooka

AV body and head- Utilizator- Rikugou, A

Armour - Utilizator- Rikugou, Anubis combat armor

Hands- RO- Scissorhands

Hair- boon- RHN 435, blond

Wings- Coco Doll- Doll bat wings ((Free!))

Crown- no*homu- bitty Clay Crown ((Free!))
Top pose- Axix <3 Tysm Elise
Bottom pose- [o.m.p] 

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