Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Computer Is Sick!

Hi guys

My computer is down for the count! It wont even turn on at the moment. I've orered the part it needs but it's being shipped over from the America, so they could take upto a few weeks to get here! 

Will be back as soon as I can! Doesn't feel right to post without giving you some places to go check out, so Cosmetic Fair is on untill the 30th. Kawaii Fair is still on, not sure on the date that it finishes so best to check it out soon if you haven't!

Alright guys ^_^ Hopefully my computer will be up and running again soon!
Happy wandering and have fun!
<3 Ooka

Sunday, 14 April 2013

For Those About to Rock

Hi! ^_^

There’s a lot going on at the moment and more things to come! It’s been a busy month for the makers I think!

The latest round of The Dressing Room is open! It’s a great one, they have a few guests this round who have full priced works for sale but most of the things there are between 40-70L! The skin is from this event, it’s by Swallow. There is this one and a darker one and they have demos *WOOT* Really pretty skin ^^ . The dress is also from The Dressing Room it’s by Boom! They have 3 colours available. There’s a lottery on too! Some amazing prizes, when you go in there’s a board that says Happy Birthday Lottery click it to enter ^^

The headset!!!!!! I love this headset! It’s the latest release from Remarkable Oblivion and is at this week’s round of Fashion Week. The detail in the mesh works is mind blowing and I haven’t seen anything like this in world. It’s really unique and a lot of fun! 

Pics inspired by the Youshida Brothers song Rising

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

Happy wanderings ^_^

<3 Ooka

Skin- Swallow- Anja Peach ((at TDR))

Hair- Milana- Olive ((subscriber fatpack! Free!))

Dress- Boom- Hye Tube Dress, emberglow ((at TDR))

Shoes- Bare Rose- Mini Beni Kimono ((Free))

Necklace- Cute Poison- Multi-cross Necklace

Eyes- Clemmm- Resnick eyes, Black sclera

Hands- Slink- Elegant mesh hands 1
Shamisen- Gonzo Shan-Shamisen
Teeth- Lable Mode- Prim teeth 
Headset- RO-  Amped Headphones ((SL Fashion Week))
Top Pose- Del may
Middle pose-Axix
Bottom pose- [O.M.P]

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Breaking The Girl

Hey  ^_^

"Twisting and turning,Your feelings are burning,You're breaking the girl" Breaking The Girl by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This dress blows my mind, so many spikes yet elegant at the same time. Even with all of the clustering of the spikes there seems to be some form of simplicity to this dress that is just beautiful. The dark and light texturing is brilliant. Like no other dress I’ve seen on the grid! Love it! <3

The skin is from Mother Goose, it’s one of their 1L skins! They have a bunch of skins for just 1L as well as walls of lucky boards! The skins are all really great quality, some have quirky makeups to them and others are this soft clean look.

This is one of my favourite necklaces! It’s from Mandala! I could break the bank in that shop! There are so many amazing pieces of jewellery and the detail work that goes into each is just crazy ^.^ The money made by the sales of the jewellery help keep the sim Tempura Island up and running. A truly amazing sim and a truly amazing jewellery store… Go see them both!

I watched a tutorial by Strawberry Singh today on how to create a “shattered” effect; the top picture is me trying this out! If you would like to give it a go here’s the link to the tutorial page . I’d like to say thank you to Strawberry for doing these tutorials and giving the information of how to get effects and windlight settings out. It has really helped me learn and grow, there is even a page on starting a blog. So Thank You Strawberry! <3

Hope you are having a good week!

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Skin- Mother Goose- Chamy ((1L!))

Eyes- .ID.- Soulful v2, beachy ((Subscriber gift! Free!))

Hair- Wasabi Pills- Skye hair

Dress- Elysium- Geometrica corsage

Necklace- Mandala- Milky Way Choker

Eyelashes- Zibska- Selah Tintable lashes
Horns- .Mes Sucreries.- Chained horns, tan

Feet- MI- tip toe ((Free!))

Hands- Slink- Elegant mesh hands 1
top pose and bottom pose- DelMay
Middle pose- Axix <3 Tysm Elise!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Green Around the Gills

Hi guys!

Sunday is over but The Plastiks lazy Sunday gift is still out! Not sure how much longer it will be out so hurry! They have two skins, a dark one with white brows and the one in the pics! They have demos to try and the skins are just 75L each. Lazy Sundays are on every Sunday; if you join the group they send out a note card with all of the places that are a part of it, you can also usually find them listed here -

The headdress is from May’s soul as a part of the 25L Tuesday! There are a range of colours available and the cuffs come with it! They are already up on the sim so go check them out ;D

I’ve taken quite a few pics at this location so you might be tired of me saying you should check it out, but if you haven’t been to Just Visiting you really should go have a look, I have it set to 6 am for these pics! Love it with the sunrise

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Skin- The Plastik-Astrali skin, Tyrq Mer dark lips ((Lazy Sunday))

Hair- Lelutika- Blake, matal

Nipple covers- Soedara- Nipple covers silver ((1L))

Eyes- {D.A}- Sinistre, natural Grey

Eyelashes- Zibska- Selah tintable lashes

Necklace- HoD- The Path to Forgiveness

Chain between breasts- HoD- Draconic Girl

Skirt- Kre-ations- Hymn of the nature, leaf

Headdress- May’s soul- Apache set green ((25L Tuesday!))
Top pose- Axix <3 Tysm Elise! 
Bottom poses- [o.m.p]

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Death Doll

Hi ^_^

Since I’ve shown you the BG feline and the BG and Riku mix I thought I should show you some of the Riku AV line! This is the Rikugou av in armor! Lets start by talking about the head ^.^ You can get this on it’s own or as part of the full av. The head comes with a number of different face expressions as well as different coloured eyes! The body of the av comes in parts, like arms, legs, core ect. They work beautifully together and the armor fits the av like a dream! The armor comes with a ‘Bonus box’ in it you’ll find a few things, including UV maps for if you want to make your own textures for the armor and a unrigged version of the armor for if you want to edit it to fit a different type of av! I think that’s way exciting and plan on starting human trials soon WHAHAHA… Oh and the cable that works as a tail is part of the armor!

The attachments on the hands are from Remarkable Oblivion! Yes they are scissor hands! :3 I love them! The detail in the texturing is just awesome! They are editable, I made them quite a bit bigger to fit this av. They also have a hand alpha to cover your hands if you like, personally I like them looking like they slip over the hands and are closed at the wrists.

The bat wings are from Coco Doll, They’re free for everyone and are resizable! When made big they are really striking though they didn’t suit the av that big so I kept them fairly small.

Got another awesome sim for you to check out if you haven’t …it’s called Rust, click the name and it’ll take you to the slurl ;)

Happy wandering!

<3 Ooka

AV body and head- Utilizator- Rikugou, A

Armour - Utilizator- Rikugou, Anubis combat armor

Hands- RO- Scissorhands

Hair- boon- RHN 435, blond

Wings- Coco Doll- Doll bat wings ((Free!))

Crown- no*homu- bitty Clay Crown ((Free!))
Top pose- Axix <3 Tysm Elise
Bottom pose- [o.m.p]