Monday, 18 March 2013

Walk This Way

Hi ^_^

There is an event on at the moment called SL Buddy Walk, and it’s to raise awareness and funds for people with Down Syndrome. It’s a great event and a wonderful cause. There is information about Down Syndrome around the sim, and the event runs from the 17th-31st of March. Here is the official web page for the event . Head down there guys! There are beautiful outfits and the more people with an awareness of what Down Syndrome is the better. Spread the word and the landmark about this event! The skirt top outfit in the pictures below is from this event! It’s by [Amarelo Manga]  and it is a stunner! They have demos and a few colours to choose from.

Showing you two skins today! Loving them both at the moment ^.^

Let’s start with the one with hot red lips ;) This lovely skin is by La Petite Morte and is from an event called Genre. The theme of this round is Goth: Beauty in the Darkness. There are three colours of lipstick you can pick from to get the skin with; they have free demos so try em on first! There is a lot at the event and all things are 100L or less!

The second skin is from Alchemy skins. They are relatively new to the market; this is the first skin of theirs I’ve gotten and I just love it! It’s a special skin that can only be bought by group members, and is only 200L! You get the shape, which I’m wearing in the pic, and it even comes with beautiful ears!

The photos were taken at Image Essentials. This is a great sim for taking pictures at! They have photo booths for group members to use and as a part of their group you can rezz on the land! This means that you can rezz a box sit on it then make it invisible and place your av where you want on the sim, like in a tree ;) Please make sure that you don’t lose track of what you’ve rezzed and pick up after yourself! Being able to rezz things is a wonderful ability… one that we don’t want to lose because things are left lying around!

Alright guys I know it was a big write up today! Thank you for reading and taking the time to look at the blog ^_^

Have a wonderful day and happy wanderings

<3 Ooka  

Av with hair up:

Skin- .la petite morte.- Madison t0 Genre3 ((Genre, 100L))

Hair- *boon- RHN435 Hair, blond

Shoes- BM- Cachet Pumps, Black ((Free*Style, Free!))

Eyes- Ikon- Utopia Eyes, Pale Sliver+Blue

Hands- Slink- Elegant 1

Av with hair down:

Skin and shape- Alchemy- Angel skins female ((sold only to group members 200L))

Top-hk.- n1. Loose Shirt ((Free!))

Leggings-*League*- Folklore Leggings, ziggy

Ear jewellery-RO- Elysium, White ((Fashion Week))

Eyes- {D.A}- Nebula, Porcelain

Hair-[LeLutka]- Lively, Marilyn

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