Thursday, 7 March 2013

To The Ends of The Earth

Hi ^_^

Magika have two new hairs for us! This is my favourite of the two ^.^ They also have new colours so make sure you get the demo! The demo has all of the colour huds to try it with to get a feel of what you like best; the colour in the pictures is from colour pack 03.

The skin is from MyUglyDorothy! They have 9 skins for 1L each; this is the one that was released most recently. The makeup is awesome; the slits down the eyes make me think of the movie The Crow. Liking it a lot at the moment!

The dress is from 1 Hundred; it’s a part of the FHG Birthday Bash Hunt. It’s a really cute little dress and it’s free if you can find the hunt item ;D

The Zibska have this awesome headpiece and necklace as part of the Lavender Hill Hunt! The hunt is on until the 10th so hurry to their store and make sure you find it!

The poses are from :: Axix :: Animations; they have poses and AO’s, and there is a free AO to group members ^_^ There poses are lovely! They also have a super cute little stool with some very cute poses!

The tattoo in this pic is one of my favs, I’ve shown you the front of it a lot but haven’t shown you the back; it’s called To The Ends of The Earth, and it’s by Blackfeet  ;)

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Happy Wandering

<3 Ooka

Skin- MyUglyDorothy- 1L Skin9

Hair- Magika- Plenty, colours 03 ((new!))

Ears- [Dolly]- Elven ears- v.1

Boots- [e]- Live boots, oyster

Tights- Izzie’s- Pattered tights, argyle

Eyes- {D.A}- Anime Eyes- Cream ((The Arcade))

Dress- 1 Hundred- Precious Dress (( FHG Birthday Bash Hunt Gift))

Tattoo- Blackfeet- To The Ends Of The Earth

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