Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kawaii Neko

Hi ^.^

I love this av!! It’s been a while since I did a post with the Blue Galaxy Feline, I came across this mod and just had to get it! The head is from a different av, it’s from <UTILIZOR>  and called Rikugou, and there is a hud for the face expressions! Both av’s on their own are awesome, added together is just amazing! The mods are sold in colour packs, you get three colours per pack it’s just the fur itself that’s coloured not the skin! You also get a note card with how to mod it and the collar that I’ve got on in the pics ;)

The tail is from Lemon Tea! I love the animations in it ^.^ It moves around beautifully, has four speeds,  6 different animation types you can choose from and comes with a colour hud!! This is the first tail I’ve seen that wraps around your av, it really is just too cute!

The bow is by Remarkable Oblivion, it’s a group gift! Cute with a bit of bite to it ;) They have just released a special edition of this bow on marketplace only, it has bunnies and hearts on it, very cute and just in time for Easter!

The sim the last pic was taken at is Space Art Museum, really amazing sim, kind of has a steampunk feeling. Very interactive so go and click everything that it will let you click! Lol

Happy wanderings ^_^

<3 Ooka


Head- <UTILIZATOR> - Rikugou, A

Hair- <UTILIZATOR> - Rikugou, B, Grey

Body- Blue Galaxy- Feline, ghost

Body mod and collar- ::Static::- BGF Neko, monochrome A

Nipple Tape- Blue Galaxy- Nipple Tape

Nipple Tape mod- ::Static::- Hellooo Nurse

Hat and stethoscope- Suicidal Unborn- Crazy Nurse outfit ((Free!))

Bow- RO- Briar Bow Headband, cake ((Group Gift, Free join!))

Tail- {Lemon Tea}- Somali Neko Tail

Giant Syringe- ::Static::- Giant Syringe ((Free!))
Top Pose- Oh.My.Poses ((Group gift, cost join))
middle two poses- ::Axix:: <3 Tysm Elise
Bottom Pose- DelMay

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