Thursday, 28 March 2013

In the Flesh


Glam affair have a beautiful group gift! If you’re in the group check the notices! This skin is a stunner, if you aren’t a member the group fee is 30L. The skin is tanned with beautiful slightly pink lips and a little bit of pink to the cheeks. Love the face!

Lovely Disarray have new makeups for us; both of the avs are wearing makeups from them! The one with the cross on the lips is a limited addition only a handful are sold! There were 9 left when I got mine so if you want it run to the store! The one with the cross on the forehead is a new release of theirs ^.^ They have a range of really interesting unique makeups, one to check out if you haven’t yet!

I’ve shown you the ears by Aitui a few times now, I like them a lot. The new mesh ones have textures that you can buy for the spacers! I have the marble spacers on in the pics. If you buy them to add you get two note cards; one of them says “you do not have permission to view this notecard”, don’t panic! It’s meant to be like that, the other card explains what to do but the one that you can’t view is the one you need to drop into the ear hud. Basically you rezz the ear hud on the floor > click edit > go to contents tab > drop in the notecard that you aren’t able to open > pick up the hud and wear! You should then see little textures on the hud click them and your ears get the texture! Oh and make sure the sim your on lets you run scripts! I’ve often clicked and clicked and clicked thinking it didn’t work only to find out it’s a no script sim lol

Happy Wanderings! ^_^

<3 Ooka

Both av’s-

Skin- Glam Affair- Zara ((Group Gift, cost to join))

Eyes- Clemmm- The Whites

Feet- MI- Tip toe feet ((Free!))

Av with elf ears-

Ears- Illusions- Sprite ears

Hair- [e]- found ((no longer open))

Collar- Lassitude & ennui- Viola Lace Collar, black ((L'accessoires))

Makeup- Lovely Disarray- I’m no priest

Hands- Slink- Elegant mesh hands 1

Lashes- Zibska- Selah Tintable lashes ((Free!))

Top- hk- Mesh off shoulder sweater ((Free!))
Wings- Noya- White wings ((past group gift))

Av with human ears-

Outfit- May’s soul- Rikko, white

Necklace- Sweet Leonard- My Golden Owl

Ears- Aitui- Stretched 3” plug pack mesh

Ear spacers- Aitui- Solid ear plug textures, marble

Tattoo- Bleak.- mThe unholy tattoo ((Group Gift, free join!))

Makeup- Lovely Disarray- Tribal hellraiser ((limited edition))

Hair- Magika- Plenty 03

Top and middle pic poses- Axix 
Bottom pic poses-  Del may

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