Friday, 15 March 2013



Fair G.O.T.H Urban starts today! It runs from March 15th to April 1st and features a heap of great creators! Everything is under 250L and each store has a freebie! The horns in the photos are by ::Axix:: and will be at the fair ;D

I thought this skin had been and gone! It was a group gift last year for Halloween, I just love it! It’s still there and they have made it free for everyone! There is also a male version of the skin that is free too, in the pack you also get a shape and a set of eyes.

The mohawk is from ::Static:: it’s fully mod so you can make or buy texture mods for it to change it up ^.^ There is a head tattoo that comes with it to give it more of a mane look, for this look I decided to go without it.

The makeup is by Lovely Disarray, they are fairly new to the market and have a cheapy in the store ;) The makeups are awesome, very original and they look great on. I think I want just about everything they have put out so far! XD

The weekend is just about here! Yay! And sooo many exciting things start today! It’s going to be a great weekend ^_^

Happy wandering everyone!

<3 Ooka

Skin- Jomo- 2012 Halloween gift girls ((Free!))

Dress- *X*- Plosion Dirty Dress, Black

Piercings- HoD- Slither Set ((Group Gift, Cost join))

Wrist tattoos- HoD- Fallen Tattoo Set

Arm Tattoos- BlackFeet- Maori ((Free!))

Face tattoo- Lovely Disarray- Enso face Paint

Mohawk- ::Static::- Mesh Equine Mane

Horns- ::Axix::- Possession Horns ((Fair Goth Urban)) Tysm Elise

Boots- [GW]- Hoof Boots, red

Ears- Aitui- Streached Ears, 3inch

Necklace- P.C- Dead Man’s Mask

Eyes- Clemmm- The Whites
Top Pose- ::Axix:: <3 Tysm Elise
Other poses- OhMyPoses ((Given in Group noitices ;) )) <3 Ty Beks

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