Monday, 25 March 2013

As the Seasons Change

Hi ^_^

Zibaska is having a sale! They have a tent up in the shop with all of the sale items as well as a few great freebies ;D The lashes in the pictures are one of the freebies, they have a soft more real feeling to them then a lot of sl lashes tend to and they’re tintable! The store also has a raffle where if you buy something you might win a 1000L gift voucher ^.^ Just the excuse to go shopping! You get put into the raffle if you get sale items or none sales items. The dress is from here, I just love it! It has flowers that float mid-air as if the wind had picked them up, it isn’t on sale but it does put you into the raffle!

The smeared black almost smoke like makeup is the opening special at Lovely Disarray, you get a pink and a black version for just 5L!

The lip gloss in the pictures is from Dead Apples! This new range of lip gloss is amazing! The detail in it just blows my mind. There are demos in all of the colours it’s available in so try before you buy ;) The eyes are from here too. Make up is on the ground floor and eyes are on the floor above… make sure you check both out if you go to the store ;)

The close up was taken at Tempura. This is one of my favourite places to go! I think it has to be one of the most stunning sims in sl. There’s a tai chi circle as well as a meditation one and they even have a ball room! This is a really special and peaceful place so please be respectful when you go!

 <3 love this place

Hope the start of your weeks been good

Happy wandering!

<3 Ook

Skin- Essences- Thursday, light rose

Makeup- Lovely Disarray- Smeared ((5L special opening gift))

Eyes- {D.A}- Siniatre, natural grey

Lip gloss- {D.A}- Doll Gloss, nude B

Eyelashes- Zibaska- Selah Tintable lashes ((Gift! Free regardless of group!))

Dress- Zibska- Xia- Rose

Hands- Slink- elegant hands 1

Feet- MI- Tip toe feet ((Free!))

Shape- Oh.My.Shapes- Shyalei shape.

Hair- Eaters Coma- Gift 03, light silver ((Group Gift))
Pose stool- Axix- Pinup stool <3 Tysm Elise
Top pose- Axix
Bottom pose- Clemmm

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