Saturday, 2 February 2013

Float On

Hi ^_^

So, the Jack or Jill hunt has started! Some awesome gifts to get along the way; the outfit and shoes are from the hunt, and you can find the outfit at Sakide’s main store. Here’s the link to the hunt page with the clues and LMs

Shine has this lovely skin as a group gift. It costs nothing to join and the skin comes with a cleavage layer that you can put on if ya want it, or leave off if ya don’t ;)

The eyes are again from Clemmm, there’ve been a few gifts given to the group of late so make sure you check the notices!  

another sim for you to go explore ^.^ the pic with the bottle is from black kite, here's the map to get there

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Happy wanderings

<3 Ook

Skin- Shine- Slawa Magenta ((Group Gift, Free Join))

Outfit and shoes- [Sakide]- Lady Tux for JOJ ((hunt gift, Jack or Jill hunt, free))

Hair-[e]- Sound ((70% sale))

Eyes- Clemmm- Fract eyes orange with gray ((group gift))

Necklace- Old World- Fish Bone necklace ((1L on MarketPlace))

Bracelet - .Olive.- The maybe they’re real Bracelets
Alien Abduction prop and pose- HelaMiyo- Alien Abduction ((1L))

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