Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wispy Trails

Hi there ^_^

This is a fun one I put together after a trip to Ni.ju!

If you go there, the top floor has some freebies including the Wispy Tails that look a bit like wings in this. They’re beautiful for taking pictures as they float in the wind and move as you walk…

The hair is a new release from Elikatira, isn’t it just so cute! The bow has a hud so that you can change colour to suit whatever your wearing   ^.^

The eyes are the group gift eyes from Clemmm. They’re beautiful! They have black and white eyes in the gift and different pupils.

Oh and I think i figured out the way to link to the LMs so click the name and it should bring up the map!

That’s it for now guys, hope you’re all doing well and having fun

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Make up-[ni.ju]-Red Panda
Make up-[ni.ju]-Vendetta 01
Horns-[ni.ju]- Portmanteau (white)
Fabric that flows-[ni.ju]- Wispy Trails ((free))
Eyes- Clemmm- Frog White ((group gift ))
Hair-[e]- only (black 04)
Outfit- Graves- Mainframe (white)
Boots- [ROSAL]- VIRON-M Thigh Boots (white)
Piercing- .HoD.- Provocation piercing set
Necklace- .HoD.- The Path To Forgiveness
Ears- PsychoticNeko- PN Fluffy Plain White
Skin- *Epic*- Dark Elfin (Darkest Ash)
Tail- Nek-O-Licious-The Dreamcatcher  set (platinum)

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