Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

Hey ^_^

Happy New Year! I hope this one is a great one for all of us!

So here’s a few things I’ve found just before the year came to an end, hope you like em!

I was lucky enough to find this skin on the lucky board when I went to the little bat for Horror Haute… sooooo glad I clicked it, I love the skin and it comes as a full av if you want or you can take bits and build your own ;)

The hair has butterflies in it!!! *falls off floor* Ok... I can be a bit of a big kid but how beautiful is that hair! It’s from a place called Yasyn’s Odds and Ends <3

The dress is from Fanatik! I love the spikes ^.^ this is one hot little number.

The eyes are from a place called Clemmm and are a group gift ;)

It costs 30L to join. Go to the sim to see what they have! They do a few different things all of which are awesome.

If you are looking at all the festivals and sales on of late and feeling like you might miss one or may not hear about it you need to look at this blog http://seraphimsl.com/

They update all the time and the amount of info they have on there is crazy!

Happy wandering all! I hope you find nice things ;)

<3 Ooka


Hair-Yasyn - Effervescent Chrysalis - Auntie Jay's Smoketack Yasyn

Skin and ears-The Little Bat - Arcane Drow F (Water) (( the tattoo is a part of the skin)) 

Shoes- ::GB:: -Stone  Sandals ((group gift, free join))

Eyes- Clemmm- Fog v.3 black (group gift 30L join)

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