Sunday, 6 January 2013


I love this AV! 

Stumbled upon it in my wanderings and it just amazes me ^.^

The wings open and flap when you fly. You can use your shape and your skin on this so the face is your AV! It comes with flame hair but looks great with any hair ;)

Going to throw a few sim names to go check out if you haven’t…

Tempura, most know it, if you don’t you should ;)

Humanoid, beautiful and peaceful sim great for relaxing

and one called Omega Point, kind of mechanical/steampunk

Any way that should give you a few fun things to explore for now I’m off..

Happy wanderings 

<3 Ooka

Eyes- {D.A}-Sinister Eyes-Horror Edition
Hair-[e]- Quirky- Black 04
Piercing- H.O.D- Provocation piercing-sliver lining
AV body and wings set-[Europa]- Mechanical Biped AV
Skin- Glam Affair- Roza- (The Arcade Gacha 05) ((past skin not sure its still available))

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