Saturday, 19 January 2013

Soft Kitty

SOFT kitty Warm kitty, little ball of fur… Ok, got that out of my system…

Hi ^_^

Playing around with the BG FELINE again today, I’ve used no texture mods on this one it’s the base AV  I got when I bought it. You can choose from 7 different colours/styles, I went for Ghost which is the one below in the pictures.

The hair I’ve put on it is one by [elikatira], it is super sweet! You can change the colour of the bow, the hud for it has a few colours and shades to pick from.

If you get the Essentials pack you get two tones of brown, two tones of blond, two of red and a black and a white tone, so if you tend to switch it up a bit that’s a pretty good way to go ;)

The parts of the outfit on her is from Blue Graves. It’s a combination of two different ones. The thing with the BG feline is that you cant use the normal clothing layers on them. They are made out of mesh and the clothing needs to sit over that not on the skin of the av under the mesh… you can however just wear parts of the av, I have a pair of mesh pants that I wear with her instead of the legs. You are best to get things that are resizable if your going to put them on one of the BG feline AVs. The other thing I sometimes do is wear just the head along with a skin that matches that way I still get some of the look but don’t lose access to most of the clothing I have! 

Oh! One last thing, a sim to check out if you haven’t, The Arrival, it’s a bit odd but very very cool! Good fun to look around. Here’s the link to get there

All details in the credits below the pics ^_^

Happy wanderings guys
 <3 Ooka

Hair- [elikatira]- Only (white)
AV- Blue Galaxy- BG Feline( Ghost)
Belt- Graves- Fever
Rest of outfit- Graves- Gravity

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