Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Run Rabbit

Run rabbit, Run, Run, Run...

Hi ^_^

Just a fun one today…

This school outfit is awesome ^.^ The tie has three different settings of how its tied, open and hanging, bow tied and in a traditional tie.

There is a hud where you can pick the colour for the shirt, the skirt and the tie; so there are a crazy number of options! There is a demo in the shop so you can try before you buy!

The eyes are from Clemmm, they are one of the WIPS (work in progress) that was given out in group notices. It does cost to join but they have given out a lot of group gifts in the time I’ve been a part of it, all of which I just love ;)

The boots are great; they have a hud that changes the colour and glow of the strip on the side and the sole of the boot that lights up.

Hope you’re all well ^_^

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Ears- ::Bunny Puzzle:: - Upright Ears No.01

Skin- Al Vulo!- [Alyss] ((Group gift free join!))

Outfit- [monso]- My School look-ss1

Boots- [NeurolaB Inc.]- Activa Boots Black Electro

Eyes- Clemmm- Milk and Blood Eyes ((group notices, 50L join))

Hair- [e]- Looking ((70 % off sale))

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