Friday, 25 January 2013


Hi ^_^

I decided to do a post where the cost for everything worn was nothing; sooo everything you see, you can get for free ;)

Where to start!

Well the eyes are a group gift from Chus! They come in 4 different colours and you get prim eyes and the normal eyes; they have this dreamy look about them, I just love em! They also have free eyes at the store, some free poses and a skin whitener.

The hair is a group gift from Red Mint; you get one that’s fully green and one that is green and blond. There are also other gifts around the sim ^.^

The dress is from the Zenshi sim’s “Avenue Readers” gifts; I talked about it in the last post so I won’t go too much into the details… but the dress is by Vero Modero; it’s amazing! The leaves on the shoulders, the way it moves.. just a really elegant beautiful dress. The gifts are only out until the 27th so hurry!!

The skin is from Mother Goose, for those who don’t know the store there are a heap of 1L skins and the lucky boards are amazing. The skins are beautiful, if you’re looking for something new or a bit different this is a great place to start! There is so much personality to each skin.

Pictures taken at Cold Dreams, here’s the map to get there

All credits and maps to get there below the pics ;)

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Dress- Vero modero- Avenue readers special gift ((need to join the Avenue readers group, free join!   Lots of gifts on the sim))

Eyes- Chus!- Puff Lenses ((group gift, free to join! Look in notices))

Skin-::Mother Goose::- Josette-LB ((lucky board, lots of lucky boards in the store!))

Lashes- Maitreya- Mesh eyelashes ((group gift. Free join))

Hair-(RED)MINT- Hair no.25 ((group gift. Free join))

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