Saturday, 5 January 2013

Paper Dreams

Hey ^_^

Time to get our neko on ;)

Found these ears and tail the other day, they rock! The ears sit at different levels if you click them; they can be straight up or down pointing towards the ground. The tip of the tail moves.

I finally figured out how to set up a blogroll *points to side bar* some great blogs there ;)

Any way all of the credits are below… for now it’s time for me to go exploring again..

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

Tattoo- Wicked Tattoos- Lotus Tattoo
Right eye-.ID.-Ultimate/mesh/eyes/deep blue
Left eye-.ID.-Ultimate/mesh/eyes/faded blue
Skin- Al Vulo- Chantal* bronze
Hooves-*epic*-Black Demon legs
Face tattoo-[D.A]-Leopard war paint ((the makings not the shadow))
Face tattoo- The Plank- Native Indian American-crow Feather
Horns – [D.A]- The Wildling horns
Ears and tail-O.M.E.N- Kitsune ears and tail (naturals)
Hair-Exile- Silent Wings: Black
Necklace-League- Native Jewellery
Outfit-Graves- sidewinder

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