Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Kitty

Hey guys ^_^

Let’s talk about the BG Feline today ;)

This AV rocks, basically you buy it in a base form and you can pick what colour you want, you get the AV with undies and a tank top it’s a great AV just as it is BUT it’s full mod!

This means that you can buy the textures you like and put them on each body part; mix and match all you like… but this AV goes beyond even that… you get given a link in the note card that takes you to the Photoshop files to be downloaded. This means you can add anything you want.

This is a huge freedom to have with any av. It’s being able to make your skin, and the Photoshop files are surprisingly easy to navigate if you go through layer by layer… or if you YouTube how >.>

Or you can buy a mod like I did on this one…

When you buy a mod for this AV you are buying textures so don’t panic when you open the file and it’s all just pictures! Here’s how to put the AV and the pictures together…

You pull each part of the AV onto the floor;

Click the image that you have in your inventory and drag it to the part the image is named… for example if it says Ear it’s the texture for the ear ;)

First time you do it, it can be kind of scary as you have bits of avatars everywhere, lol!  After the first try its easy so don’t worry too much, oh and it’s all copy so the bits you drag out then take back in are new copy bits not the old ones;) that way you always have an original…

There are sooo many mods out there for this and they aren’t all cats! There are mods to make it just about anything, including Pikachu!

The face moves on its own, the ears do too and this makes it feel more alive… I’ve included pictures of the AV unclothed (it doesn’t have bits yet… that’s another mod :P ) and a few pics of the face to give an idea of what the expressions are like.

Hope you like it!!!

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka

AV- [Blue Galaxian] – Femaile Feline
AV MOD- [2G]- ROM ((tail isn’t included if you get the white AV you can colour the tail to match easily))
Cigarette and Holder-Static-Quellazaire-Cigarette Holders
Cap-Dirtyland- Officer’s cap
Eyes-FGC-Circles- Blue Galaxy
Mouse-.{PSHYCHO:Byts}.-Trapped Mouse
Belt and Goggles -Graves- part of Fever outfit
Top- Faster Disaster- Space Invader BG Tanktop ((mod for the top that comes with the AV))
Hair-Magika-Paisley (colour pack
Peircing-HOD- Fire In The Water Piercing (frost)

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