Thursday, 17 January 2013

Death, Decay and Pandas :D

Hi ^_^

Alright guys! Two new places for you to explore!

The first is an apocalyptic sim, it’s great for taking pictures or just looking around. The windlight settings used on the sim are great they really set the mood… here’s the taxi to it!

The next is a super cute bright and colourful sim... yeah, I know a bit odd to post both in one post, but I like them both and I found them both; soooo here’s the other LM, it’s a shop but if you step outside you’ll find lots of beautiful fun things! Including the pandas in the pic below *points*

sooo onto clothing type stuff ^.^

The hair in these pics is one of my all time faves.. a friend took me to the store and from the moment I put the demo on I needed it. It moves in the wind and as you walk it glides besides you, the colour strips can be changed and scripts can be deleted to lower lag. It’s from a place called A&Y Bunker, the LMs are all below in the credits just click and follow to get a tp.

The outfit is from Defectiva, I’ve seen it in pictures before but never been able to figure out what store it was from; asked in the group Skin Addiction and had the LM within a few mins *sighs* I adore that group.

The skin is from The Dressing Room! Only 70L and its beautiful ^.^

All credits are below the pictures!

Have fun and happy wanderings

<3 Ook

Outfit- :Defectiva: Original Sin- Wrath
Boots- [NeurolaBInc.]- Activa Boots Black
Eyes-Clemmm- Fog eyes ((group gift))
Hair-A&YBunker- Cyber Doll Black
Face tattoo- HoD-lost souls Peircing and Makeup Set
Body tattoo-Svetie INK- Lizeron Skulls B&W (dark)
Skin-Alvulo- Aisha* Candy Porcelain TDR
Eyelashes- MysticCanvass- Pin Up Thick Lashes ((old hunt gift))

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