Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hi ^_^

I found the mother of all group gifts! It’s actually a combination of stores on a sim that’s part of what they describe as a fashion district. it has some very well known designers and some amazing stuff to go check out ^.^ If you join the group Avenue Readers Magazine (which is free to join!), most of the stores have gifts! There are dresses, gloves, make up, jewellery, shoes… It’s a pretty big one! The Dress in today’s pics is a gift from one of the shops there.

 I feel like I have a full new wardrobe with this! It is mostly for females but there are a few things for guys out there too ;)

The skin is a group gift from Al Vulo, it’s been out a while now so might change soon, hurry on over to get it before it does!

The hair in these pics is from ND Hair. It’s awesome, the curls frame the face beautifully and they move while you do; it gives a feel of life and a great bit of attitude to the av ;)

The sim the pics were taken at is called Immersiva. On the ground it looks like a small simple sim, but there is sooooooooo much more to it then you first see! Please don’t just arrive at the bottom of the sim take a few steps and think that’s it! (and yes I’ve done that before lol)

There are floating boxes that you can get to in the sky. It’s like a maze where you find something new around each bend, really an amazing sim; you could get lost here for hours and still find more that you haven’t noticed.

That’s it for today guys ^_^

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy wanderings

<3 Ooka


Hair- ND Hair- Ritta Hair Carhartt Beanie

Skin- Al vulo- Elenor*Son of flowers ((group gift! Free join))

Eyes- Ikon- Peak ((past gift free join, gift every month first weekend!))

Dress- LUSH* Limited- Lined up ((Avenue Readers gift ^.^ Free join!))

Boots- Miel- Timber Boots Natural

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