Sunday, 27 December 2015


 "It's been a long, a long time coming,
But I know a change gon' come,
Oh yes it will."
Sam Cooke
Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you have all had a Merry Christmas and are set and ready for the new year!

Today marks 3 years for my blog, amazing to think that it's been that long.

Life is getting busier and I'm finding myself on SL less and less, so I've decided that it's time to stop blogging. I might post photos from time to time on flickr, though I'm not to sure yet if I will.

I'd like to thank you all for the support that I've had during the last 3 years, it's meant a lot to me.

I hope that 2016 and all the years that follow bring joy and happiness to you all.

Happy wanderings and much love,
<3 Ooka

"Oh, yes it will."

 Skin- Essences- Pixie ((Kustom9))
 Eyes- Ikon- Hope Eyes, Wight
Hair and Headband- Emo-tions- Jezebel ((ShinyShabby))
Tattoo- Bolson- Fahrenheit ((TMD))

Friday, 18 December 2015

Paint A Monkey Gold And Let It Lose Downtown

"Started with a smile
He'll come back with a frown.
He's just a twig in the wind, a twig in the wind."

Hi guys ^_^

 Hope that everyone is well!

 Some very cool things for you in this post!

Let's start with the eye visor ^.^ 
This is by Contraption and is at this round of The Mens Department!
Clicking it brings up a menu that will let you change the visor colour, eye colour and emotions by changing the pupils!

   Her headphones are by [Lab737]! There are 4 colours to choose from.

Her hair is by Bade and is at this round of We<3RP!

All other details are below the pic as usual.

Have a great weekend guys!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka   

"Multi-nippled rotating DJ sap,
I'm shoulder high in crap and my water wings are flat."

Skin- Essences- Pixi ((Kustom9))
Headphones- [Lab737]- Disel Headset ((Kustom9))
Eye Visor- Contraption- Emoti Eye Visor ((TMD))
Horns- [][]Trap[][]- Demon Ram Horns
Hair- Bade- Benji
Tattoo- Bolson- Fahrenheit ((TMD))
Arm/Hand- Neurolab- Cybernetic

Pose- Clemmm

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Inner Bloom

"Feels like I'm dreaming,
 Like I'm walking, walking by your side.
 Keeps on repeating, repeating."
Hi guys ^_^

I hope that you're well!

Life has been busy so this one is going to be short.

The Plastic have a new skin out, it's beautiful and can be found at The Liaison Collaborative. ^.^
You can also find her stunning headpiece there, it's by Zibska.

All detalis below the pics as usual!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

"If you want me,
 If you need me,
 I'm yours."

Skin- :[P]:- Chyll ((TLC))
Eyes- {D.A}- Striking Eyes, Blossom
Hair- Tableau Vivant- Cristal ((Collabor88))
Outfit- Zenith- Time Traveler Dress ((We<3RP))
 Necklace- Mandala- YOLO Necklace ((Collabor88))
Leaves- Zibska- Lord ((TLC))
Birds- {anc}- No Limit, Doves ((The Arcade)) 

Poses- DelMay

Saturday, 5 December 2015

You Know I Wish I Had It All

 "Got to dot your I's and cross your T's,
You gotta let go, come with me."
 The Kooks

Hi guys ^_^

 Let's start with her skin; this stunning skin is available at MudSkins who are currently having a sale! It's 50% off until the 14th.

 We <3 RP is open for it's December round! WOOOT!
Some beautiful things there including her Halo which is by Enfant Terrible. ^.^

The architecture and poses are all by {anc} and are at this round of The Arcade! There's a Christmas tree in the middle of The Arcade with free gift boxes under it. ;)

Have a great weekend guys! 

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka 

"Oh man, oh man, oh man,
You know I wish I had it all."

Skin- MudSkin- Violet #1 Dark Chocolate
Lips- MudSkin- What is red
Hair- Damselfly- Italia ((We <3 RP))
Eyes- Ikon- Hope Eyes, Wight
Headdress- Enfant Terrible Creations- Emma's Halo, Gold ((We <3 RP))
Necklace- :[P]:- Ly Chain ((we <3 RP))
Corset, Bracelet, Leg strap - Enfant Terrible Creations- L'odeur Du Cuir ((The Arcade))

Poses and Architecture- {anc}- No Limits- Stairs For The Moonlight ((The Arcade))

Sunday, 29 November 2015

It Feels Like I Only Go Backwards Baby

"Every part of me says "go ahead"."
Tame Impala

Hi guys ^_^

I hope that everyones weekend is going well!

This week has been a massive one for me so this post is going to be short :)

All of the details under the pics as always!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

"It feels like we only go backwards, darling."

Light Av:
Skin- Glam Affair- Caroline, 06 ((We <3 RP))
Bags Under Eyes- Okkbye- Under Eye Shading
Lipstick- Glam Affair- Leah Lipstick, 21 
Eyeliner and Gloss- HoD- Forever Eyeliner and gloss ((Cosmetics Fair))
Hair- Dura- Boys&Girls 58
Eyes- Clemmm- The Whites
Tattoo- Bolson- Mr. Burton
  Earrings and Mouth Jewellery- Azoury- Coco ((TSA))
Corset and Shawl- FDD- Arlietta ((Enchantment))
Shoes- Slink- Paloma Point Ballet Slipper, Pink
 Arms- Nerolab- Cybernetic Arms
Chains- EVE- Ghost Chains

Dark Av:
Skin- PinkFuel- Doll V2, Vamp ((Group Gift))
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes, Quicksiler
Hair- Besome- Aristo Cat ((N.21))
Dress- Foxes- Cowled Dress ((Collabor88))
Tattoo- Speakeasy- Midnight Tattoo
Hands- Vrision- WASD 5.0 Female Glove

Tree-DRD- Standing Fairy Lamp, Dark ((Enchantment))
Top and Bottom Poses- DelMay
Middle pose Light Av- Sorgo
Middle Pose Dark Av- Bauhaus Movement 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

It Can Only Be You

"'To set the words on fire...
It can only be you, my love."
Boo Seeka

Hi guys ^_^

I hope that everyone is well!

 Let's start with her skin today ^.^
This very pretty skin is by Pumec! It's one of 2 different skins in 2 different tones at this round of We<3RP.

Truth have this beautiful hair as a group gift :D
You get all of the colour HUDs! 

Enchantment is open again and this round is themed Neverland.
You can find this awesome hat there! It's by Remarkable Oblivion. :)

Her scarf is by [The Plastik] and is at this round of Collabor88!

-HoD- are taking part in this round of Cosmetics Fair!
You can find the lip piercings as well as an eyeliner and lip gloss.

Have a great weekend!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

"'It can only be you..
Wrapped pages, building bridges higher,
It can only be you, my love."

Skin- Pumec- Katie ((We<3RP))
Hair- Truth- Louisa ((Group Gift))
Hat- RO- Admiral Hat ((Enchantment))
Eyes- Ikon- Promise Eyes
Lip Piercing- HoD- Studded Kiss ((Cosmetics Fair))
 Scarf- The Plastic- Bitter Chill Scarf ((Collabor88))

Poses- DelMay

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


"Quarantine on the Isle of Man and I'm trying to escape any way that I can"
Jake White
Hi guys ^_^

I hope that everyone's well!

Going to do another short one today, life's still a bit busy at the moment. :)

 Her hair and goggles are a new release by Taketomi called Delia. You get both the hair and the goggles in the pack and it comes with a hud for the hair, the goggles and the metal clips!

Her headphones, armor and belt are all by The Forge! ^.^
Her dress is by Moon Elixir and is out at this round of We<3RP!

Happy wanderings ^_^
<3 Ooka

"Yo trabajo duro,
Como en madera y yeso"

Skin- Lara Hurley- Leia
Hair and Goggles- Taketomi- Delia
Scar- The Skinnery- Huntress Markings ((We<3RP))
Headphones- The Forge- Horny Bass-terd
Armor- The Forge- Eldar Armor
Dress- Moon Elixir- Entwined ((We<3RP))
Eyes- Ikon- Hope Eyes, Wight

Poses- DelMay